Montreal-based Nannette De Gaspé knew she was on to something special when a friend introduced her to fellow Canadian Karine Théberge of Biomod Concepts. Gaspé’s vision and Biomod’s revolutionary cosmetic technology resulted in a new line of dry masks: Nannette De Gaspé. Below, the woman behind the name explains why this new launch is truly remarkable.

The Window: Let’s start with your background—how did your work in private equity lead you to launching a beauty brand?
Nannette De Gaspé: I had never looked into biotech before, and that changed when I received a phone call from a friend of mine who had discovered this company in Montreal called Biomod Concepts, which had investment opportunity. She said I needed to take a look at it—she knew I’d be especially interested because it was run by a woman from Canada, and I’m always trying to support both women and my community! Biomod had created a revolutionary technology in the delivery of active ingredients to multiple layers of the epidermis and had developed a process to dry print the formulations onto textiles.

Why did the science and technology speak to you personally?
For me, there are so many things out there with so many promises! I had been to doctors curious about prevention and was told that I can do this and that over so many visits and so many thousands of dollars. I longed to find solutions that were not intrusive. When I discovered this technology, I was blown away. This system improves the efficacy of any ingredient—it’s so powerful! I thought about all the applications and all the amazing ingredients that could be delivered to the skin. It’s an option for enhancing your skin that doesn’t involve lasers or injections. That’s what motivated me. I became Executive Chair of the company and have been working with them to commercialize this groundbreaking wearable skincare technology by launching a brand of face and body masques under the name Nannette de Gaspé.

Can you expand on the technology itself?
Due to biomimetic lipid components, similar to the skin’s composition, the instant that Biomimetic Micro Vectors (BMV) make contact with the skin, they merge seamlessly with the skin’s structure and begin the prolonged release of active ingredients. The actives reach deeper, as the vectors are absorbed into the multi-layers of the skin. As each individual’s skin profile is unique, BMV technology creates an epidermal reservoir to store actives waiting to be absorbed. Working with the skin’s fundamental needs, actives are fed to the skin only as required. This prolongs and enhances the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

The active loaded BMVs have a rich, smooth, balm-like texture which is imprinted on our soft, luxurious textile masques. The masques gently wrap around your eyes, mouth, neck, hands, or face and are activated by humidity, temperature, pH, and natural body movements. By using lipids with a very high content of actives and delivering them without water, you don’t just temporarily fill the gaps between the cells but repair them. Because lipids are not volatile, the effect is permanent and it allows the vectors to reach the inner layers of the skin.

How are the dry masks different than traditional wet masks?
The textiles go on your face or hand and the pH and temperature of the body, along with gentle massaging, activates the delivery of the ingredients deep into the epidermis. People can’t believe it because they look at this dry cloth and can’t imagine how it will work! I always have people sample it on their hand first, so they can really see. These products are 87% active ingredients—when you look at “wet” products out there, they all have on average 85% water and glycerin with only 5-7% active ingredients. A mask makes you feel really hydrated immediately because of water and fillers, but the actives don’t really penetrate the surface. Our product goes so deep in its pure form, and it gives unbelievable results.

Your website says you’re the “embodiment of the modern woman.” Tell us what that means to you?
I’m someone that’s really busy! I wake up at 5:20 in the morning and go to the gym, go to work, and have functions every evening—and I have two children. With all these responsibilities I don’t have a lot of time, so to be able to wear one of these masks while I’m blow-drying my hair in the morning or answering emails—that’s a luxury.


Nannette’s background is in corporate finance and banking. She and her husband do private equity, through which they discovered the Canadian-based biotech company that lead to the launch of Nannette de Gaspé.


“I use them a few times a weekeach mask can be used up to three times. When  I have a big event coming up, I might do one three days in a row. They should be use to complement one’s skincare regime, and depending on one’s skin needs, the frequency can be more flexible.” -Nannette De Gaspé



“It was important to me in delivering a new category of product to the consumer that the branding was ultra-luxurious. In my mind, you always start at the top! The flower motif comes from the theme of revitalizing and rejuvenation.” -Nannette De Gaspé

“I found a beautiful fabric from Japan that has a cashmere feel and is the perfect composition to be used for the formulation. We were able to print on it and make beautiful motifs.” -Nannette De Gaspé