Maison Margiela is known for creating pieces that are conversation starters, to say the least. Simple, iconic silhouettes and an androgynous approach have given the label its cult-status reputation. Similar in some ways to that other Maison Margiela must-have bag, the 5AC Satchel, the Convertible Crossbody Camera Bag is a perfect example of why we love the French label and its mystique.

What appears at first glance to be a simple crossbody style is actually so much more. Open the top-zip closure to reveal the brand’s signature twill Incognito lining. Allowing for an expanded shape, the lining can either be folded down or extended above the topline to create a larger design—and a different silhouette entirely. The lining also comes with a drawstring closure, which creates a completely different look.011717_Margiela_Window7272

At the core of the Maison Margiela message is androgyny, and the Camera Crossbody is no exception to this rule. The bag is paired with a sturdy, solid chain link strap—mixing the hard and the soft, the astute and the elegant, the masculine and feminine. Also part of the Incognito lining is a braided leather shoulder strap which allows for versatility—the strap can be attached to the exposed lining, the body of the convertible bag, or completely removed, transforming this from a compact crossbody to a modestly-sized shoulder bag in two quick steps.

Typical of Maison Margiela pieces, the devil is in the details. In this case, that means subtle accents and small, thoughtful add-ons. Polished goldtone or silvertone hardware, a detachable, adjustable chain strap, and the label’s signature white basting stitches—representing anonymity and purity—that serve as the most restrained of logos.011717_Margiela_Window7284

A testament to Maison Margiela’s what-can’t-it-do designs, the transformative features of the Camera Crossbody are ultimately about convenience. No matter how you style it, this minimal, powerful bag is one to wear this year and next. And that’s exactly what we plan to do.



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