Amanda Chantal Bacon seems like a native Angelino if there ever was one. The chef and founder of Moon Juice is known for her glowy, ethereal looks, her plant-based supplement line, and the nut milk and juice bars she created seven years ago that now dot the L.A. area.

But a born-and-bred Angelino Bacon is not. In fact, she’s a native New Yorker who grew up in Manhattan and spent her childhood browsing the windows at the original Barneys store in Chelsea. “I grew up a few blocks from the original downtown store, and my mom worked in fashion, so a good deal of my early childhood memories actually take place in Barneys,” she reminisces. “I would entertain myself and stare into the Christmas windows and at the tropical-fish tank while my mom tried on shoes.”

So it’s extra special for Bacon that Moon Juice now sells inside Barneys, the very store that brought her wonder as a child. Launched as part of the greater Conscious Beauty initiative, Moon Juice supplements, adaptogenic powders, and the beloved dusts (choose from Sex, Dream, Spirit, Power, Brain, or Beauty) are available both in store and on And though Bacon now calls western Los Angeles home, she’s spent much of the last few years looking outward as she worked to expand her much-loved product line.

Pictured: Amanda Chantal Bacon

Based on Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine principles, Moon Juice started when Bacon began concocting elixirs made from the powders she added to her own food and drinks. A love of herbs combined with a desire to rid others of common health ailments led Bacon to mix formulas to help improve her life and health by building the mind and body from within. 

The first Moon Juice store opened in Venice, California, in 2011 and became a favorite of celebrities, influencers, and trendsetters. Since the opening of that first store, the wellness industry has grown in a big way, and Bacon is just as excited about the future of conscious beauty as we are. “There is so much to choose from now, and some of it is super elevated and clean,” she says. “I never ventured into the conventional beauty world, so with this explosion of safe and beautiful products I’m having a lot of fun shopping and using them.”  


As both fangirl and entrepreneur, Bacon enjoys developing new products as much as she enjoys using them. Her go-to Moon Juice pick? “My favorite product remains the Sex Dust®,” she says. “I use it as my daily energy formula. It’s a hormone balancer that has helped me tremendously with my hypothyroidism, PMS, and general ‘blah’ feelings that can creep in.” 

And for those who are new to Moon Juice, nutricosmetics, and adaptogens in general, Bacon recommends easing in slowly by incorporating a single product into your daily routine. “Pick a dust that calls to you and add a teaspoon to your daily coffee, tea, smoothie, or any other habit you have. The key is consistency.” Or, Bacon says, you can always go the minimalist route. “I love a teaspoon of dust in hot water with a splash of milk.” 


By working with raw foods, plants, and herbs, Bacon continues to develop new formulas to add to the Moon Juice product line. Next up is an adaptogenic stress-management supplement (“a complete game changer for my life”), and even skin care, which she says “truly works and is truly clean.” 

As for the greater conscious-beauty industry, Bacon sees it as a consumer-led revolution more than anything else. “The biggest trend that I predict will only pick up momentum is the sharp education of the client. It’s such a beautiful thing to witness people learning more and more about natural beauty, demanding truly clean products, and driving the market forward.” 


Barneys is also bringing Conscious Beauty into its New York restaurants with special menus at Freds Downtown and Genes Café at Barneys Madison Avenue that will feature drinks, food, and desserts infused with Moon Juice’s Dust supplements to provide benefits for everything from skin to cognition. Freds Downtown will offer meals and drinks, including the Conscious Cocktail, a refreshing drink that restores beauty with Moon Juice Beauty Dust; meanwhile, Genes Café will offer juices, drinks, and snacks, including the Brownie with Benefits that features Moon Juice Spirit Dust and Sex Dust. Can’t make it in to try? Here, Amanda Chantal Bacon shares her favorite easy-to-make-at-home drink, the “Adapt-o-Latte”:

2 scoops of Deep Chocolate Adaptogenic Protein™
4 tbsp of tocotreinols
2 tsp of Sex Dust® 

Add to 10 oz hot water, coffee, or warm coconut milk. Blend on high and drink from a mug!



Amanda Chantal Bacon will be at Barneys Madison Avenue on the Foundation Floor between 2 and 5 p.m. demonstrating and sampling ingestible beauty supplements.

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