Until recently, I attributed my clear skin to an abundance of water and good genetics. But this summer, the excessive humidity meant that my face suddenly needed a little extra love. So, I did what any smart woman would do: I took myself to Barneys’ beauty department for the pleasure of a Mila Moursi skincare consultation and the brand’s Signature Rejuvenation Treatment facial.

In a little more than an hour, I gained insight into my own skin, Moursi’s indulgent head-to-toe spa treatments, and her line of French-made products, which are separated by season—meaning that each one is designed to be used for three or four months. Moursi, a celebrated aesthetician based in Beverly Hills, understands that skin changes due to the weather and developed her line accordingly.

The lineup of products used in Mila Moursi‘s signature treatments.

When I arrived at Barneys’ Madison location, I was led to the brand’s area on the cosmetics floor, where I was promptly greeted by Iara, the dedicated Mila Moursi aesthetician. She took me into the softly lit treatment room, which was subtly scented with candles. As she started her examination with the steamer directed toward my face, she asked about my skin, my routine, and the last time I had a facial, in order to better customize the treatment. I really appreciated the personalization, and it makes sense that it’s one of the signatures that keep clients coming back to Mila Moursi for spa experiences.

The facial began with a massage of my face and décolleté using the Aromapure Serum, a lightweight, moisturizing oil—exactly what my dry skin needed. Next, Iara slathered on Cleansing Milk to remove impurities and leave my skin ready for the next step: microdermabrasion. For the uninitiated, microdermabrasion is like a mini-vacuum for your skin—exfoliating by way of suction to remove the dead skin cells, resulting in tighter pores and finer skin texture.

Mila Moursi’s Oxy Cellulaire cream nourishes and moisturizes dry skin.

Cleansing completed, Iara refreshed my chest and face with a cool spray of toner and water in order to remove any remaining dead skin cells. After this cam another handful of cleansing milk followed by generous amounts of alcohol-free Cleansing Toner to gently stimulate and firm my skin in preparation for the moisturizing process. Finally, Oxy Cellulaire Renewal Cream was applied via a second massage. Mila Moursi emphasizes the importance of using the correct cream for each client’s skin type, and this rich selection was the key for revitalizing mine.

For the final stage, Iara applied the Global Anti Age Mask and left it to dry for 15 minutes to soften and moisturize my skin, minimize signs of wrinkles, and reduce irritation and redness. Once the mask was removed, she applied the brand’s Eye Cream to reduce puffiness, refresh, and brighten around the eye area. Lastly, Iara used a cryotherapy machine—the “Wonder Machine,” as she called it—that cooled my skin, reduced redness, and sealed my pores.

Leaving Barneys with glowing, moisturized skin, I immediately wanted to tell all my friends about the Mila Moursi Signature Rejuvenation Treatment. The added value of gaining knowledge from Moursi’s expert aestheticians on the correct products to purchase and how best to use them will serve me for years. Now, knowing that it’s a seasonal thing, I’m eagerly awaiting fall for an excuse to return and stock up on my autumn skincare products.

To book a Mila Moursi consultation or treatment at the Madison Avenue location, please call 212-833-2020. To book at Beverly Hills, please call 310-276-4400.

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