The new Barneys beauty floor—all 9,000 sparkling square feet of it—is truly a sight to behold. So, if you gents find yourselves overwhelmed by the veritable bounty of products within The Foundation’s walls, we could hardly blame you. To help cull through the sea of creams, pots, powders, and scents, we’ve called on six knowledgable guys from our office to tell us about the stars of their grooming routines.


“I have very few must-haves as part of my daily regimen, but apart from a light scent, I can’t head out the door without Kiehl’s Facial Fuel.” -Tom Kalenderian

*                 *                 *


“My grooming routine includes a spritz of a light fragrance, which enhances character and doesn’t overpower it. Patchouli Patch from L’Artisan Parfumeur is my defining scent of the season.” -Jay Bell

*                 *                 *


“I mix this Tatcha dry powder with a little water in the shower and it brings a fresh, clean glow to my skin. If I’m shaving, I create a paste using less water and get a nice exfoliating effect.” -Jose Parron

*                 *                 *


“My good-to-go grooming and skincare routine is quite simple. I shave every four or five days and cleanse my face daily with La Mer foaming cleanser, followed by La Mer lotion. I often supplement this with Clé de Peau foaming cleanser, which I follow with emulsion moisturizer.”
-Faustin Messan

*                 *                 *


“The VitaMan Matt Mudd is a great product that works no matter what your hair length is. It also washes out extremely easily, which helps during the hot summer months. The Ultimate Man exfoliating soap is perfect for getting squeaky clean after nine-hour plane trips or hot subway rides.” -John Totolis

*                 *                 *


“I use all of Aesop’s products. The citrus aromas are so intoxicating I want to eat them. I’m gaga for the petitgrain hydrating body gel.”
-Simon Doonan