“You know what’s the best thing about living in NYC? … The fact that amazing opportunities can appear at any moment!” Our enthusiastic model Yancarlos Jimenez kicked off our shoot in NYC’s Times Square with an affirmation, and the team was impressed. On the way over to the W Hotel, situated in the heart the NYC tourist mecca, we had started to question our decision to shoot our men’s edit of designer looks on a bustling Friday night in the most visited place in world. Enter Yancarlos, with his game-ready attitude, and our trepidation faded.

Yancarlos was spotted on the streets of his hometown last year by a modeling agency and was instantly signed and cast for Kanye West’s runway show. It’s only been a year since he’s been modeling professionally, and already the world is his oyster—likely due in part to his positive demeanor. “I believe that the universe listens to everything we put out there,” he says, aware of the perked-up crew in tow. “We can control our destinies with our words and affirmations.” And there you have it. Over-eager, off-brand cartoon characters; crowds taking selfies; pay-for-play Darth Vader-clad chess enthusiasts—it’s all fun and games for the Harlem-raised model who’s ready to take on anything.

Scroll on to see Yancarlos thrive amidst all the personality found in the “Crossroads of the World” while wearing a few looks to feel good in on a Friday night.


VETEMENTS Embroidered Tech-Twill Shrunken Bomber Jacket / VETEMENTS Plaid Flannel Shirt / VETEMENTS Leather Racing-Stripe Jeans

Vetements for the city warrior—hood, racing stripes, and boots to crush.

GIVENCHY Neoprene & Quilted Leather Hooded Jacket / GIVENCHY Barbed-Wire-Embroidered T-Shirt / BALMAIN Washed Skinny Biker Jeans / Similar GIVENCHY Boots

Lost in translation vibes high up in the W Hotel tower overlooking the most visited spot in the world.

BALMAIN Washed Skinny Biker Jeans / Similar GIVENCHY Boots

We all got into the snack bar before we left.

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