When it comes to style icons, there are the usual suspects—Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Kate Moss—and then there are the not so usual suspects.

We got an introduction to some seriously under-the-radar style originals when we asked the fashion writer Susie Lau (a.k.a. Susie Bubble) to tell us about her sartorial heroes.

Her picks, not surprisingly, are as unique and eclectic as she is: Claudia Kishi from the Babysitter’s Club (flashback!), author Nancy Mitford and Bubble from Ab Fab.

Wondering how to pull off an Ab Fab look while actually looking fabulous? Read on…

Claudia Kishi was one of the first style heroines, which I physically remember reading about, folding down every page that mentioned her outfits in those Babysitter’s Club books. I blame Claudia for all my failed DIY attempts at tie-dyed t-shirts and patchwork overalls. I also hold her responsible for my obsession with all things neon, very high and lopsided ponytails and strange silhouette combinations. I feel like Claudia would appreciate the fact that I managed to combine Lahssan x Façonnable stripes, Marc Jacobs florals and a whimsical Current/Elliott cloud print all into one outfit. Claudia normally rocks a side ponytail with a neon scrunch but she’d probably appreciate the Kenzo x New Era baseball cap, turned to the side. She’s also in some comfy and practical Stella McCartney neon espadrilles and socks for her art assignments. And of course, she has enough ear holes to accommodate both the Loren Stewart safety pin earrings in one ear and the Jennifer Meyer “C” stud in the other.

On rainy days, I like to whizz through all of Nancy Mitford’s deliciously witty, guilty pleasure novels. I’m really drawn to her matter-of-fact haughtiness and her wry sense of humour. She peppered her letters and novels with references to Dior and the wonders of the New Look so I’ve given her something equally elegant to entertain her marvellous “set” in the shape of a Balenciaga ruffled skirt and a Lanvin vest with a Haider Ackermann shirt. I feel like she might have thought jewelry needed to be either really, really ostentatious or quite discreet, so I’ve gone for the latter with a pair of Finn diamond studs and a Cathy Waterman collar. Naturally she has a Smythson bag and notebook. I also like the idea of the pair of delicate Manolo Blahnik lace flats. All the better to help her run like her flighty “Bolter” character.

No, my nickname Susie Bubble was not in fact derived from Ab Fab’s character by the same name although I can see why people think that. That said, it doesn’t stop me from naturally gravitating towards the zany Bubble, played so brilliantly by Jane Horrocks. Nu-rave pixie, Napoleonic chic and errr… Teletubbies—she’s tackled a plethora of themes making her the ultimate fashion schizophrenic. I’ve put her in her natural candy floss palette with a Rhié daisy print jacket, a bit of wafty white Comme des Garçons, a swingy Antipodium silver skirt and a ditzy Marni top. I thought she might appreciate the poodles on the Adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes or the flat bow Pradas, worn with silver socks of course. Eddy keeps Bubble mostly locked away in her Holland Park basement but should she venture out, she might want to pop on the Karen Walker sunnies and take with her the pearlised Edie Parker clutch. Pink tutu optional.