There’s a new face around the hallowed halls of the Barneys offices, and it’s one we couldn’t be more excited about welcoming. As of the beginning of this year, we have a newly appointed Fashion Director, Marina Larroudé, who has already dived into her role with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Having served as the fashion and accessories director at Teen Vogue for the past two years, Larroudé oversaw all fashion content for the brand’s magazine and online editorials. And with an additional eight years of editorial experience at prior to that, both her eye for trends and her sense of the market are unparalleled—assets she’s already found valuable in her new position at Barneys.

“Even just starting, I’m surprised to see how very similar the work is to what I was doing in editorial,” she tells The Window. “I’d go to a market appointment and talk to a designer to learn about their business from production through distribution, and that experience is something that directly translates. My years of experience really help me to have an awareness of the market and what consumers respond well to. There’s also the part of the job that involves discovering new talent, and that was always one of my favorite parts of working in editorial.”

Marina Larroude, Maria Cornejo
Our new Fashion Director, Marina Larroudé, along with one of our favorite designers, Maria Cornejo.

The process of seeking out fresh creatives, helping them to define their voices and grow their business, is something that Larroudé holds close to her heart. “It’s a personal passion of mine, so I’m looking forward to engaging with that here at Barneys in supporting new designers—be they in London, Paris, Milan, or anywhere else in the world—and getting to bring them to the Barneys customer.”

This nose for sniffing out new talent is, in fact, part of what brought Larroudé to Barneys’ attention for the role in the first place. “Marina shares our enthusiasm for discovering new designers and dedication to nurturing emerging talent, which falls directly in line with the Barneys DNA,” says Barneys EVP/GMM of Women’s, Jennifer Sunwoo. Beyond this, her responsibilities will also center on developing product for the Barneys New York Collection, identifying trends, and working on our lookbooks and seasonal campaigns. This variety is perhaps what Larroudé finds most appealing about her new title.

Marina Larroude
Marina Larroudé brings her personal style to the street of New York during NYFW. Photographed by Hunter Abrams/

“I’m a very open, curious, energetic person, and I love fashion so much—all areas, from a gown to a bikini or from a shoe to fine jewelry. I love to help designers, to develop products and to assist in creating beautiful images, so it feels very natural to get to bring those all together into one multifaceted, well-rounded role,” she says. “Having only been here for a week, it already feels like I’ve been doing this all my life.”

That’s not to say, though, that she doesn’t still feel like there’s room to learn and to grow—with lessons coming from sometimes unexpected sources. “I’ve already been inspired by the women in the office and how they dress,” Larroudé told us. “I see how they dress up their denim and build an outfit around it, and personally, I don’t wear a lot of denim. But I’ve been so inspired in seeing how they style it that I may start wearing more!”