As Fashion Director for Barneys New York, Marina Larroudé is responsible for staying ahead of the buzziest designers and the next big trends and translating them to the Barneys shopping experience. This means traveling to Paris a few times a year for Fashion Week, an experience she was familiar with coming from her background in fashion magazines. “I’ve actually been attending Paris Fashion Week for about 12 years,” says Larroudé, adding that the experience still excites her. “I still remember my first Chanel show. I had goosebumps. And a decade later, I still have them every time I walk into the Grand Palais to see what Karl Lagerfeld dreamed up for the season.”

And while there are certainly awe-inspiring moments, the schedule of back-to-back shows, appointments, and business meetings all across the city for 14 hours a day over the course of nearly two weeks is grueling. “After so many years, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Paris is the crazy amount work we do when we get there—it’s so intense!”

For the Spring/Summer 2019 season, we tagged along with Larroudé on a sunny fall day that included sitting front row at Chloé, Paco Rabanne, and Isabel Marant; several appointments around town; and even an outfit change. “As you can see, it’s hectic, but I love that I get to see the best of fashion all in one place,” she says. “That, and the landscape still takes my breath away.”



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