It was just another Tuesday evening shopping at Barneys’ Madison Ave store… until it wasn’t. “Oh my God, it’s Madonna!” the cry went up from the disbelieving crowd as the Material Girl swished through the front door, bodyguards in tow, wearing a body-contouring red dress and blackout shades. It was no coincidence, of course. Madonna was here to promote the U.S. launch of her skin-care line, MDNA Skin, which debuted yesterday exclusively at Barneys.

The paparazzi were ready, bulbs flashing and cameras rolling. The biggest winners were the VIPs and store shoppers who were treated to MDNA facials and other indulgent beauty treatments at the event. Not to mention the chance to share the floor with the woman who defines multiple fashion eras and iconic cultural moments in the lives of virtually every New Yorker. Scratch that—every human being.

Naturally, the evening would involve several wardrobe changes, and after interviews with Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and other media outlets in the store’s penthouse, Madonna reemerged wearing a little black dress paired with a white apron. Donned, it turned out, in order to test and experiment with her products along with her adoring audience. (Heard somewhere at tonight’s event, “So Madonna and I were swapping moisturizer tips…”) Let’s hear it for the megastar-turned-entrepreneur who gets down and dirty. “I developed this line for me,” she told The Window before the event. “It’s not about putting my name on something; it’s about creating the very best products for the very best results.” And creating a traffic-stopping storm on Madison Ave to celebrate. Rock on, Madonna. Rock on.

Madonna chooses a few fans to test out the new MDNA Skin line with.

Fans who tested MDNA Skin got a special spa treatment in the way of a Chrome Clay Mask “M.”

The excitement for MDNA Skin can not be contained.

Skincare tips and tricks are swapped by Madonna and Barneys customers.

Madonna and Tsuyoshi Matsushita, President of MTG Co., Ltd at the MDNA Skin counter at Barneys New York.

Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, Madonna, and Tsuyoshi Matsushita, president of MTG Co., Ltd launch MDNA Skin collection at Barneys New York.

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