There was palpable energy pulsing through Barneys in Beverly Hills yesterday as Madonna fans gathered in anticipation of an in-store appearance from the pop legend turned beauty mogul. There was no doubt the moment she was officially in the house—mobile devices were raised and the crowd swelled with joy, some screaming her name and a few even wept. Flanked by bodyguards and devoted fans, by the time she made her way to her MDNA SKIN counter, the crowd was at fever pitch—but the moment she opened her mouth there was a hush. “I’m a soccer mom, a party planner, and now I’m a sales person too!” she joked. “OK, so who wants some product?!” Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

She proceeded to show guests the two new exclusive products, The Reinvention Cream, a multitasking all-in-one that streamlines your beauty routine and helps revitalize the skin’s appearance, as well as two exclusive new sets: The Reinvention Ritual and Everything’s Coming Up Roses. The Reinvention Ritual kit includes a luxe velvet tote autographed by Madonna and contains full sizes of five essential MDNA SKIN products: The Reinvention Cream, The Face Wash, The Rose Mist, The Eye Serum, and the Rejuvenator Set. Everything’s Coming Up Roses set includes full sizes of three everyday essentials: The Rose Mist, The Face Wash and The Reinvention Cream.

After greeting fans, posing for pictures, signing product, and demonstrating some of the creams—it was finally time for Madonna to head out, much to the disappointment of her loyal fans. As she began to exit the store, the ever playful, rebellious star surprised the crowd by kicking off her black stilettos and slipping into flats. “Now you’ll see how short I am!” she laughed, but her presence felt anything but small.

MDNA SKIN is available at Barneys New York’s Madison Avenue and Beverly Hills flagships, as well as on


Madonna arrives at Barneys Beverly Hills Flagship.

The Queen.

Madonna demonstrates product on excited fans.

Madonna demonstrates product on excited fans.

Madonna demonstrates product on excited fans.

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