The Lunar New Year is officially here and we’re ready for it. 2018 is the Year of the Dog, an animal associated with loyalty, intelligence, and a strong sense of right and wrong. Fortuitously for us, the pups we know can add stylish to that list of attributes. While good taste is not necessarily an accolade mentioned in relation to the Chinese zodiac, hey, we’re Barneys, work with us here! Read on as 8 sophisticated canines share a little bit about what makes them special. In the dog-eat-dog world of high fashion, we’re ready to kick back and celebrate the year of our best friend.


Bean is modeling an exclusive pair of Altuzarra sunglasses—available at Barneys New York, of course!

How did you get your name, Bean?
I was petite as a puppy and I looked like a Bean! Apparently, I was almost going to be Celery.

Favorite NYC smells?
I want to say any garbage can—but I’m a lady!

Which zodiac dog do you relate to most?
The water dog. I’m brave and loyal, but can be a bit self-centered sometimes…I’m a princess, what can I say?



Mr. Greenberg, you’ve got quite the formal name, what gives?
Ah yes, I was born on a farm in Vermont. It was a good life, but a tough life. When I turned 3-years-old, I made a break for the big City. Fortunately, I was picked up by Andrew Goetz and Matthew Malin while I was on the run. Because I was originally from Ver-mont, which comes from the French words, meaning Green Mountain, they renamed me Mr. Greenberg. ‘Berg’ is the German word for Mountain, and since I was now proudly a sophisticated New Yorker, Mr. Greenberg seemed fitting.

What might we find you doing when no one is looking?
On the sofa nesting on the most expensive throw pillow I can find, but please don’t tell anyone.

What’s on your current shopping list?
Besides EVERYTHING from Malin + Goetz (gotta plug the family biz) I’d go with Rani Arabella’s cashmere pillow. Truth be known, I have a little bit of a throw-pillow fetish.

Which zodiac dog do you relate to most?
I’m probably mostly an Earth Dog. One, being a pug, I’m just physically very close to the earth. But I’m also extremely communicative. I don’t hold back—when I have something to say, I say it.



Roscoe is wearing Derek Lam Kaira slides, coming soon to Barneys New York.

What are your hobbies, Roscoe?
Hiking, running, retrieving objects and not bringing them back. Begging the seamstresses for food… Also checking all the 65 garbage cans in the office twice a day for food. 

If you were to buy ONE thing from Barneys right now, what would it be?
These Derek Lam Kaira slides in red because I’m Irish and I love to chew on a good shoe.

Which zodiac dog do you relate to most?
Fire dog! I’m intelligent, hardworking, and definitely on fire.



How’d you get your names?
Chace’s official name is actually “chasing the dream to rippling water,” which was shortened to Chase and then changed to Chace with a “c” but mostly I go by Chacie! And Cleo is quite simple—she’s as regal as Cleopatra.

Where’s your favorite place to nap?
Next to each other in our dog bed, and next to mom.

What might we find you doing when no one was looking?
If someone is cooking, Chace will be right by the oven. Cleo simply needs to be watched. She likes to know what’s happening at all times and moves around quite stealthy.



How’d you get your name, Foxylady?
My North Shore Animal League-given name was Martha. But when Simon and Johnny stopped by my crate to check me out for adoption, a woman walked by and shouted, “Wow! She’s a Foxylady!” *blush* #namechange!

You certainly deserve the distinction. Speaking of Simon Doonan, what do you think it would take for him to adopt us and give us a fabulous and fitting name?
I suggest gifting him some Gucci. He is on a Gucci tear right now. While I may not be strutting around in rainbow stripes and logoed haberdashery, he loves it. And I understand and respect that.

Where’s your favorite place to relax?
Curled up around Simon’s feet like a gorgeous cinnabun.

Which zodiac dog do you relate to most?
Like every great mutt, I’m a bit of everything. Patient, intelligent, communicative, desirable, and brave!



How’d you get your name, Winky?
When my mom Linda Rodin was growing up, her mother’s best friend was Winky. That Winky was cool. She was an artist and very beautiful—I’m her namesake.

Since you are so chic, we must ask you a style question. Winter dog booties: Would you ever?
I refuse to wear those.

What’s you best trick?
Outsmarting Linda.



What’re you wearing in your portrait Hector?
… a thom browne tie

Any favorite NYC smells?
… chicken + beef …

What’s your best trick?
… chasing my tail …

When no one is looking what are you up to?
… sleeping …

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