Le Roar Lucy Liu Portrait
Lucy Liu and Ellen Stockbridge

A dog may be man’s best friend, but it turns out that it’s two women behind a brand that may be the best friend to your dog. Meet Le Roar: a line of dog beds and towels designed not only to become an instant favorite for your four-legged pals, but also to keep them safe and healthy. And since it’s designed by actress Lucy Liu in collaboration with tailor Ellen Stockbridge, there’s a healthy dose of chicness thrown into the mix as well.

When Liu and Stockbridge met on the set of Elementary, they soon discovered that they had more in common than just a job. “We are fortunate to have a very pet-friendly set, so we bring our dogs to the studio,” Liu recently told us. “They have play-dates together and love running around like crazy together. Thanks to our dogs, we discovered our mutual love of animals!”

It was this love of animals, and a concern for their wellbeing, that led the duo to the creation of Le Roar. “Many of our friends’ pets have gotten sick from poor quality pet products,” Liu said. Between that and the experience of purchasing expensive dog beds only to have them fall apart or to discover that they were made with sometimes toxic materials—like flame-retardant fabrics—Liu had decided the time had come to do something about it. “We have to be vigilant with regard to our pets’ safety, so I shared with Ellen my idea for a company dedicated to making safe and fashionable beds and towels, and we teamed up to develop a product line that is up to our meticulous standards as animal lovers and dog owners.”

Fortunately for Lucy, Ellen already had a bit of experience when it came to translating her design background to the world of her pets. “I have the pleasure of owning two amazing rescue dogs,” Stockbridge told us, “but New York winters proved to be hard on them. Finding warm coats for them was impossible due to their odd mixed-breed body shapes, so I started making them coats. I also volunteer for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, and other adopters would see my dogs in their coats and ask for custom coats for their dogs.”

For the final product, though, the ladies wanted to take design into account just as much as they did the safety and quality of the products. “In my own home, I love neutral colors that can match any décor, as well as bright colors that can add a nice pop in a more neutral room,” Liu told us. “We spent lots of time designing gorgeous prints and also worked to include as many different dog silhouettes as possible in our patterns.”

The results are guaranteed to not only fit into your home, but also into your pets’ lives seamlessly. Scroll on for a closer look at the collection—as modeled by some adorable furry friends—then head to Barneys to bring some of these quality pieces home.


LE ROAR Large Dog Bed

“My older dog Maggie has arthritis and loves to lie in her Le Bed. It relieves her discomfort and keeps her head up so she can still watch the world go by.”—Ellen Stockbridge

LE ROAR Medium Dog Bed

“Apple is obsessed with Le Bed. We tested many different beds and the donut shape with the pillow top is the most preferred for all dogs. She loves resting her head on something higher up so it’s a great way for her to relax her spine and really be at rest.”— Lucy Liu

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