Designers Steven Loyd and Franck Ford share an unexpected combination of whimsical creativity and earnest wit, making them a refreshing force in the fashion industry. The duo behind LOYD/FORD—a line of high-end evening wear made in Los Angeles—were born and raised in Berlin, where they first started designing clothes in the late 80s. A decade later, they relocated to L.A. to design stage outfits for the likes of Britney Spears, Cher, and Jennifer Lopez—before launching LOYD/FORD in 2011.

Now, they design the collections from their Palm Springs HQ, produce it in downtown L.A., and bring it to their Paris showroom for sales. The combination of contrasting elements is a window into the unique inspiration that makes LOYD/FORD special. Here, the designers give us firsthand insight into their diverse mix of influences.

Pictured: Steven Loyd and Franck Ford.


LOYD/FORD Embellished Lace Top

“The collection is inspired by modern life, while being true to our classic shapes and timeless look.” –  Franck Ford

LOYD/FORD Strapless Cocktail Dress

“We work more on items than collections. For example, our tulle dress is inspired by a Degas dancer sculpture.” – Steven Loyd

SIMILAR: LOYD/FORD Beaded Tulle Dress

“The lookbook shoot just sort of happened spontaneously with photographer Pierre Ange Carlotti and model Barbara Lear in our semi-faux-Louis XV-decorated Paris showroom.” – Steven Loyd

LOYD/FORD’s Parisian showroom.

“Paris is amazing because is where pret-a-porter was invented. I love the androgynous style that was born in the 1920s from the French couturiers, as well as the “flapper” movement. The fashion has an energy in Paris, and you feel your passion is right at home there.” – Franck Ford

“The West Coast is amazing because a lot of pop culture starts here. Once, we were driving down Wilshire Boulevard behind a fire red Mercedes with the license plate NR 1. When we pulled up at the traffic light, a fully made up and coiffed Nancy Reagan sat behind the steering wheel looking like she just sprang out of dynasty.” – Steven Loyd

View from Franc Ford’s Palm Springs home.

“We find the contrast living and working in an place that has a 50 year old history, and then traveling to Paris, which has more than 500 years of history extremely inspiring. It really gives you a different perspective on time.” – Steven Loyd

Inside Steven Loyd’s Palm Springs home.

“Leaving Palm Springs and coming back is like travelling from one century to the next. Many new ideas of industrial design and architecture were incorporated in the mid-century residential buildings that are prevalent in Palm Springs. We find that very inspiring as a work environment.” – Franck Ford

Inside the Palm Springs HQ.

“You can definitely see the 50s and 60s vibe in our collections. We want our pieces to be traditional, while an unusual combination of fabrications and innovative construction makes them modern. I think there’s a connection between that and the mid-century designs and architectural feel of Palm Springs.” – Franck Ford

“In Palm Springs, I can wake up at 4 a.m. and enjoy life en plein air.” – Steven Loyd

“I love designing the collections in the silence of our Palm Springs studio [pictured].” – Franck Ford

“The LOYD/FORD woman is chic. We sold 800 dresses from the newborn brand last season and saw both a billionaire’s wife in India wearing one on Instagram, as well as a student in London walking on the street.” – Franck Ford

“She does not go with trends. She is zen, free, and cool.” – Steven Loyd

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