When it comes to shoes, you don’t get much more iconic than Christian Louboutin. His signature red soles can be seen flashing at the swankiest shindigs and standout even in the most chichi of soirees. But if you only think of killer heels when his name is mentioned, you’re missing out on half the fun—his men’s styles continue to redefine the modern gentleman’s footwear game. And that definition is being rewritten once again with the introduction of the City Collection. We’re thrilled to announce the collection is making its online debut at Barneys.com, where Louboutin’s men’s shoes are now available for digital purchase for the very first time.

Taking traditional styles and infusing them with a fresh attitude, the collection taps into the unique energy that the brand has become known for. “I think of people as active in many different ways,” Louboutin told us. “When designing shoes, I often think of performers. And when I say performer, it’s not necessarily an actor—athletes deliver great performances, as do singers. I just like action.”

Combining textures and fabrics in ways that Louboutin never has before, the collection gives men new options when it comes to their most notable accessories. A classic cap-toe Oxford or a sleek patent leather loafer fit the bill for even the dressiest of occasions, while more casual events call for the collection’s spirited sneakers and boots, and all the shoes bear the iconic red sole. “I like the idea that people are creative enough to play with their own style in their own way,” Louboutin said. “There are many, many ways to wear these shoes.” How will you see the man himself sporting them? “The double-color styles I will wear with white or possibly pale olive khakis. And something bright on the top—colors above the belt, not under it!”

Check out the styles here, then head over to Barneys.com to step—via one fabulously clad foot—up to a new level of fantastic footwear.