Tania Fares knows a thing or two about British fashion. Not only is the Lebanon-born, Paris-raised editor a contributor for Vogue UK, but she also has direct access to the next wave of up-and-coming designers through the British Fashion Council Fashion Trust—a non-profit that’s dedicated to mentoring new designers that she co-founded. So when she felt that there wasn’t one repository highlighting the incredible creativity and dynamic designers of London, she decided to do something about it. The resulting book, London Uprising: Fifty Fashion Designers, One City hit the shelves at Barneys this week.

“We wanted to show what London fashion is all about,” Fares tells the window of the impetus that drove her and co-editor Sarah Mower to compile the book. “We wanted to share how creative and amazing London’s designers are, in addition to allowing them to share their own stories of how they started, what their process is like, and what their vision is.”

london uprising
Editor Tania Fares

Those visions come through thanks to profiles written by a variety of fashion luminaries and images that take the reader behind the closed doors of designers’ studios. “It was amazing to see how each designer works. They’re all artistic and creative, but some work with a team, some need to be on their own,” Fares says. “I loved going in and seeing the colors, the fabrics, and the whole atmosphere.”

As for why London serves as such a creative hub for the industry, Fares suggests that the origins of its unbridled inspiration are two-fold. “London is a very creative place, in part due to universities like Central Saint Martins, the Royal College of Art, and many others,” she says. “Then in addition to that, the country is inviting to foreigners—all the designers in the book are based in London, but not all of them are British. It’s a place that invites international designers to come and become part of the city.”

And according to Fares, the future of British design is only getting brighter. “Fashion in London is only going to continue to get stronger. It seems like every season you have someone new coming up who’s super exciting and creative. London will always be a hub for creativity.”

Scroll on for a look inside London Uprising: Fifty Fashion Designers, One City, and by proxy, inside the studios of some of our favorite designers.

The format of London Uprising is nearly as innovative as the fashion it depicts, with photo inserts alternating with the written profiles. Here, a spread on the work of Anya Hindmarch.

Footwear creator Manolo Blahnik hand-paints one of his stunning designs.

The look inside the atelier of Erdem Moralioglu allows readers to see him hand-trimming the fringe to create one of his signature elegant evening pieces.

Multi-talented designer Jonathan Anderson has become one of the most recognizable faces of today’s young London fashion scene.

The same youthful energy that defines Anderson‘s collections is present in his workspace.

Both menswear and womenswear designers are profiled in the book, with Margaret Howell being one of the more established designers from the men’s world.

Again, the designer’s mind overflows into her space, and in Howell‘s case, it’s a world of order, with each element carefully edited and considered.

If you take a peek into Paul Smith‘s studio, don’t be surprised if he peeks back!

The charm of quintessentially British whimsey as seen in Paul Smith‘s space.