When the invitation to attend the joint birthday party of close friends artist Leo Villareal and Yvonne Force Villareal, founder of Art Production Fund, Richard and Lisa Perry knew it was a must. The party, held at the newly opened Capri restaurant in Marfa, Texas, had a “Burning Man-meets-your-finest-Western” dress code, which guests including the Perrys embraced. “Leo was an original founder of Burning Man and Yvonne always has amazing style, so people really went all out,” says Lisa.

Beyond the incredible party, the weekend also offered a chance to explore the thriving art community in Marfa, which the couple had visited a few years prior. “We are huge supporters of [artist] Donald Judd and his work, and we have friends who are involved in The Judd Foundation, so we had been before with them to have a tour,” Lisa tells us. “It was amazing to return and see how the community has grown, even just in the last few years.”

Donald Judd moved to Marfa in the ‘70s and was very inspired by the landscape and light of the then dusty cowboy town. Soon, he brought along artist friends like Dan Flavin and John Chamberlain, and a community started to grow. “Whether you love minimalism or not, Marfa is a must,” says Lisa. “It’s not the easiest place to get to—it’s truly in the middle of nowhere! But it’s so worth it when you get there.” Scroll on for Lisa Perry‘s highlights from Marfa, Texas.


LISA PERRY Scalloped Suede Coat

Lisa Perry posing outside the buzzy new Hotel Saint George, where she and Richard stayed in Marfa.

The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum in Marfa on the site of the former Fort D.A. Russell. 
Art is displayed in barracks and buildings throughout the Fort. Judd’s goal was to bring art, architecture, and nature together in one location,” says Lisa.

“A reflection of a Dan Flavin piece in one of the buildings.”

“A Judd daybed and a woodcut at the Chinati Foundation.”

“These are the Judd offices in downtown Marfa.”

“Here’s my party look! 
I love the juxtaposition here between the grey and the pink, while the evening light adds an ethereal glow.” Lisa wears a jacket from her Fall ’17 collection, which will be available for purchase at Barneys this summer.

“The birthday couple in full regalia. 
Dress code: Finest Western meets Burning Man. 
Leo’s mom’s family is originally from Marfa, so he has deep roots to the area.”

“Everyone went all out!”

“No trip is complete without a stop at D.Q.!”

“The Get Go Grocery—get your things and go!”

Lisa and Richard Perry

“The sun setting on a great trip.”

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