10 years ago, Lisa Perry took her longtime love affair with 1960s fashion, of which she was an avid collector, and launched her namesake label. Over the last decade, she’s remained fiercely loyal to that core aesthetic, all the while evolving to fit the lifestyle of today’s women. It’s this delicate balance of nostalgia and relevance that has made the Lisa Perry brand grow.


LISA PERRY Swirl Wool A-Line Dress
Lisa Perry on the set of her 10-year anniversary capsule shoot with two of the reissued limited-edition style that were first released in 2007.
Colorful A-line dresses from Lisa Perry’s 10th-anniversary collection.

To celebrate her 10-year milestone, Lisa’s created a capsule collection of 10 of her favorite all time pieces. It’s no surprise, that two of the most beloved dresses come from that very first launch collection. “I’m so proud of creating this strong DNA. One of the dresses that I designed in the first collection is still a best-seller, and that’s a constant that makes me feel really good about my vision from the start. I set out to make timeless clothes that women would love based on a modernized take on my love of ‘60s design, and that has remained a constant,” Perry tells us proudly from the set of the anniversary collection shoot. The lookbook was shot by Michael Avedon, grandson of Richard Avedon. “I love so much being able to work with someone who really understood the era and how its represented through photography.”

LISA PERRY “Love” Shift Dress
“I love the LOVE dress,” says Perry of the limited-edition style first released in 2010. “It speaks to my personality of optimism, and I love that when one walks down the street or into a party wearing it, it makes people smile and feel good. I have always strived to capture that energy and feeling with my brand.”
LISA PERRY Fleurty Wool A-Line Dress
“This dress was first released in 2008, and I’ve always loved it because it’s so happy and I love the cream and pops of color,” says Perry.

Almost all of the pieces in the capsule—including the two that date all the way back to that first collection—are made from double knit jersey, a nod to ‘60s mod that was the core fabric that Perry used at launch. Though over the years she evolved to embrace more seasonless fabrications, she felt it was important to bring it back to celebrate her connection to vintage. “These pieces are collectables,” she explains. “Now being at Barneys, we are open to a wider audience. I hope to be exposing a whole new group of people to these dresses. I want them to see what our start was about and why I used this fabrication and love it so much.”

LISA PERRY Photo-Real-Print Cotton Minidress
This limited-edition style was first released in 2010 and features a photograph by Carl Fischer of the Andy Warhol Soup Can.
“It was amazing working with Michael Avedon the grandson of Richard Avedon, who captured so many iconic ’60s photographs,” says Lisa Perry.

The collection also includes her iconic Andy Warhol Soup Can dress, a nod to her recurring collaborations with artists—a highlight of her career. “I love art so much and am a collector so to be able to interact with the artists or the foundations and to actually be able to use this incredible imagery at my finger tips to create designs—that is so incredible,” she reflects. “I was blown away every time an artist said yes to me.” Those artists have included Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Roy Lichtenstein to name a few.

LISA PERRY Snazzy Metallic Leather Jacket
“I wanted to include one of my little vinyl moto jackets. It offers a little bit of variation, but it really stays true to my beginnings,” says Perry of the style that was first released in 2014.

But by far the most rewarding aspect of the last 10 years has been developing relationships with customers and seeing them respond positively to the clothes. “People come up to me all the time and tell me my brand has made them happy. I knew I wanted to design beautiful clothes that were comfortable and made women feel great, but I never realized just how motivating and gratifying it would be to interact with these women and get that feedback,” says Perry. “It makes me feel really very proud of what we’ve accomplished over 10 years. People love our brand, and it’s thriving. It feels so great.”

That’s a wrap! Check out the complete lookbook on Barneys.com.


But that’s not all—we’re keeping the celebration going with a cross-country series of personal appearances where you’ll have the chance to meet Lisa, shop her latest collection and the anniversary capsule, and join in the celebration. Please join us at one—or all!—of these upcoming events:

New York – Barneys Downtown
Thursday, October 12
17th Street and 6th Ave, 2nd Floor

Los Angeles – Barneys Beverly Hills
Saturday, October 14
9570 Wilshire Blvd, 2nd Floor

Barneys Chicago
Saturday, October 21
15 East Oak Street, 2nd Floor



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