Lindsi Lane arrives at Barneys Madison Avenue brimming with huge smiles and high energy. To be fair, she’s always charmingly effervescent, but today is a special day for the style writer, digital influencer, TV personality, and shopping expert. Today she is working with The Registry at Barneys New York to customize her wedding registry. A self-declared hopeless romantic, Lane says that anything related to her June 2 wedding to her fiancé, Aaron, makes her giddy, but getting to register for it at Barneys is extra special. Lane actually launched her career at Barneys Madison Avenue, where, at age 23, she became the youngest person to ever be promoted to a personal shopper, so the store holds a special place in her heart.

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“When I used to work at Barneys and go to Chelsea Passage on the ninth floor, I would literally dream of coming in one day to register for my dream wedding,” she reflects nostalgically. “To come back after all these years feels really sentimental to me.” Lane is certainly right at home as she sashays around the store, navigating each floor with pleasure and ease. It’s also obvious that she’s a fashion lover to the core—something we already knew from her bold and witty Instagram and website,, where she chronicles her joyful love affair with style. She also documents her other great love—her fiancé, Aaron—and today is all about her passions coming together as she curates her wedding registry.


“I got engaged at the carousel in Bryant Park. My fiancé and I both waited a long time to find each other, so we’re really playing into the whole meant-to-be, fairy-tale theme with the wedding,” she says of the June event that will take place in Manhattan. In addition to planning the wedding, the couple recently moved into a new apartment in Flatiron. “Registering couldn’t have come at a better time since we are still decorating!”

Lane describes her personal style as “versa-chic”—always versatile and put together, while also being edgy and sexy at the same time. The same goes for taste in home décor. “Our apartment style is very contemporary with a mix of edgy-glam, feminine touches—because that’s me!” she laughs. “We love black lacquer, metallic, crystal, and mesh. Our apartment has beautiful, enormous windows, so we’re decorating around those views, keeping very clean lines. It’s going to be really beautiful once it’s done.”


Lane approached her Barneys registry as a place to curate standout, truly special pieces hard to find elsewhere. “I want to make Aaron’s and my apartment as unique and special as the offering at Barneys, so I really focused on really chic accent pieces like Thomas Fuchs’ skull cheese board and the Alexandra von Furstenberg pieces—items that make a statement without being massive. It’s about adding design elements and color to our mostly white, clean space.”


As for Lane’s process, she registered in-store, taking advantage of The Registry consultants who are available to help personalize and tailor the experience during one-on-one appointments. As she is a woman on the go, she finished off via the digital portal, where it’s easy to add and manage the registry. Her finished wedding registry feels like a true reflection of her and Aaron’s taste, and a window into the unique and happy home they’re building together.


Over coffee at Fred’s a few days after this shoot, Lane is her buoyant, straightforward self as she reflects on how she’s feeling with the wedding just four months away. With registering out of the way, she’s focusing her attention on finalizing all of the plans for her dream day, and it’s clear that Lane’s excitement and anticipation outweigh any anxiety over logistics. “Aaron is an amazing man, and I’m just so excited for everything to come. I’m truly living out my fairy tale—and that includes registering at Barneys, of course!”

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