Modern art was splashed across the walls and prints exploded throughout Jean ‘Johnny’ Pigozzi’s Central Park West apartment last night, setting the scene perfectly for the launch of the art collector, photographer, and designer’s new swimwear collection, LimoLand.

“I’m very interested in colors and funny prints,” Pigozzi, dressed in a blue shirt with a print of colorful currency symbols, explained. “Men especially are usually dressed in black or blue, but in the summer, they will wear fun colors, and that’s the difference. They won’t wear flowery trousers the rest of the year, but at the beach, they will wear color.”

The cheery collection, which includes men’s trunks in a camouflage dog print, women’s bikinis (made in collaboration with Ete) in a bright butterfly print, and tees covered in various creatures, is enough to relegate those basic black swimsuits to the back of the bikini drawer. And though the usual fashion party uniform may be black, black, and more black, plenty of revelers like Michael Douglas, Ivanka Trump, Kelly Klein, Ann Dexter-Jones, Marina Abramovic, and Barneys’ own Dennis Freedman, Daniella Vitale, Tomoko Ogura, Tom Kalenderian, Charlotte Blechman, and Simon Doonan embraced the theme and tried on a bit of color for themselves.

“It’s fun, elegant and modern,” Pigozzi continued. “I went to see the Great Gatsby last night, and my line has nothing to do with that—it’s not retro! I want to make clothes that are really for today. And I’m very interested in contemporary art and modern art, and that inspires my prints very much so. Some of the prints are private airplanes, the print with yachts is of yachts that I know—it’s all about the world around me.”