Barneys is back. Downtown in our original home, that is. And to mark the occasion, we’re taking a page from our past and reimagining it in a new way. In celebration of our new downtown store, we’re thrilled to announce The Black Leather Jacket. The project pays homage to an iconic 1986 event in our original store entitled Decorated Denim—in which customized denim jackets designed by prominent designers and artists were auctioned off to benefit an AIDS organization—and we’ve tapped some of today’s top designers and most noted artists to create their own version of the quintessential black leather jacket.

For the occasion, Barneys has partnered with White Columns, New York’s oldest non-profit art space specializing in emerging artists, as well as with The Center, New York City’s LGBT community center, for an art-meets-fashion collaboration. Designers including Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, and Isabel Marant, along with artists like Helmut Lang, Marilyn Minter, and Rob Pruitt, have all put their own spin on the wardrobe staple, some for men and others for women, and each with phenomenal results. From the edgy to the refined, from wild to elegant, each of these jackets is a true expression of its creator’s vision.

All jackets are currently available for purchase in an online auction being hosted by international auction house, Christie’s. With bidding beginning today and running through March 22, 2016, all proceeds from the sales of The Black Leather Jacket will benefit both White Columns and The Center.

Scroll on for a closer look at each of the pieces, then head over to Christie’s to make a bid for your favorite. To see them in person, stop by our downtown store beginning March 5, 2016. And stay tuned for more excitement to come as the jackets take to the runway later this month.



barneys leather jacket
“The biker jacket is one of my favorite pieces because it is so iconic. The silhouette and the animal-embossed leather are both running themes in my collections, but I’ve never produced this design in this material before!” – Azzedine Alaïa


barneys leather jacket
Inspired by folkloric influences and contrasting textures, Altuzarra has reimagined the masculine leather jacket into a highly feminine one with the application of a luxurious, oversized shearling collar. Nipped at the waist with a wraparound leather belt, the silhouette is unexpected, yet authentic to Altuzarra.


barneys leather jacket
This men’s jacket has been customized by Coppens with a whitewash treatment, hand-drawn graffiti, beaded safety pin detailing, and a mixed media applique on the center back. “I used primer paint, a Sharpie, Eminem’s picture from the Dazed and Confused cover from June 2000, safety pins, and leftover fabrics from my Spring/Summer 2016 collection. I looked at what was in my studio and mixed some stuff up.” – Tim Coppens


barneys leather jacket
Similar to the men’s style, here Coppens has decked out this women’s jacket with a white-wash treatment, hand-drawn graffiti, beaded safety pin detailing, an attached grey hood detailed with tape and white stitching, and a plaid cotton-shirt lining with corset detail at back.


barneys leather jacket
“I wanted to make the jacket modern and visual while staying crafty. The white cotton thread creates contrasts with the leather and gives a handmade touch. Since I’m always inspired by Americana, I used the eagle as an emblem on the back.” – Isabel Marant


barneys leather jacket
Customized by Dries Van Noten with a mixed-media applique of tourism iconography from Paris such as pins, badges, and key chains, the designer wanted to create an “homage to Paris. A city we all feel very close to. An expression also of our emotion for Parisians after its recent dark period and our good wishes for the City of Light.“


Barneys leather jacket
Inspired by Givenchy’s iconic Punk Marine collection for Fall 2007, this jacket is customized with applied pyramid studs that come in three sizes of antiqued gold metal to give a unique Givenchy signature to a classic leather biker jacket.


barneys leather jacket
Also referencing Givenchy’s Fall 2007 Punk Marine collection, this women’s style is adorned with three sizes of galvanized gunmetal pyramid studs.


barneys leather jacket
With a namesake brand known for refinement without formality, Alexander Wang put his own spin on the leather jacket via a printed suede patch with a collage-like feel inspired by Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”



barneys leather jacket
Featuring snap-back lapels, shoulder epaulettes, and a quilted yolk, this jacket was customized by Cianciolo with feathers, paper, glue, acrylic, gouache, watercolor, and white out. Working across the thresholds of craft, fashion, performance, publishing, and art, Cianciolo’s work is noted for an extraordinary sensitivity towards materiality.


barneys leather jacket
Dan Colen is a multi-media neo-Pop artist who creates sculptures, paintings and installations focused on objects that are typically ordinary or undervalued. Colen is popular for the use of abstract mediums and for having rebellious, religious, fantastic and—in some cases—offensive undertones in his work. Here, in No Sex No War No Me, he has customized this men’s jacket with enamel paint.


barneys leather jacket
In addition to its decoration with glitter, adhesive, and tape, this jacket by Kim Gordon also comes compete with a handwritten note from the multifaceted and multi-media artist.


barneys leather jacket
Known for the wit exhibited in her paintings, Ella Kruglyanskaya has said of her own work, “The subject of my paintings is the female figure and all its accouterments. I engage self-reflexively with the feminine image in graphic/comical ways. I’m interested in non-narrative pictorial events that aspire to an unspoken punchline.” Here, she’s worked in oil paint.


barneys leather jacket
Having made art throughout early adulthood, Lang established his fashion label in 1978 and achieved global recognition in the field over the following three decades. He has been working solely as an artist since 2005, and here he has customized the jacket with mixed media, tape, pigment, and resin.


barneys leather jacket
Over the past decade, Lowman has developed an expansive body of work that takes the recent past of American culture as both its subject and departure point, describing a culture that appears suspended in a permanent state of entropy, as if on the brink of collapse. For his jacket, Lowman employs oil on canvas, oil on inkjet on canvas, and cotton thread on leather.


barneys leather jacket
In Ligon’s celebrated text-paintings, aphoristic phrases are stenciled on canvas in a handmade and self-consciously visceral fashion. This piece, Untitled, 2016, features both letters and numbers in oil slick on leather.


barneys leather jacket
For nearly 40 years, Marilyn Minter has explored questions of identity, gender, and sexuality in an increasingly influential body of work that embraces painting, photography, and filmmaking. That point of view comes into play in Wet Kiss (Jacket) with Minter’s use of a dye-sub photograph on aluminum, leather cord, and oil paint pen.


barneys leather jacket
Playing on the idea of the iconic black leather jacket, artist Rob Pruitt emblazoned his interpretation, 91 Notables Wearing Biker Jackets, with hand-drawn likenesses of those know for sporting the style, ranging from Marlon Brando and James Dean to Drake and Bart Simpson.


The work of Swiss-born, New York-based artist Ugo Rondinone has become recognized for its ability to channel both psychological expressiveness and profound insight into the human condition. For his piece, Jacket With A Cause, Rondinone used acrylic paint on leather.


barneys leather jacket
The Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby has been quoted as saying, “I like to think about art as being similar to poetry. It can’t be proven. It just exists, and there’s an aura about it.” For SR Leather Quilted-Yoke Moto Jacket (503967605), Ruby utilizes paint and patches on leather.


barneys leather jacket
In writing about artist Borna Sammak’s work, critic Elspeth Walker observed, “Sammak’s pieces are composed of sometimes repurposed, sometimes refabricated objects you might find at a strip-mall store. His work draws from the cultural garbage can, creating an aesthetic of overload steeped in a nostalgia for the cheap consumer items of our culture’s recent past.” Here, Sammak has re-purposed dog leashes and collars.


barneys leather jacket
Anicka Yi has been described as an “artist-cum-alchemist,” and her sculptures—often made from unexpected combinations of materials including deep-fried flowers, medical gels, soap, milk, perfumes, and aromas—have been described by curators as “charged sensual things” that are simultaneously “sexy, covetable, fragile, entropic, smelly, ugly, and sublime.” For this leather jacket project, Yi’s unique take on materials extended to synthetic flowers, metal rings, metal mesh, vinyl and kombucha leather with scobys.


barneys leather jacket
Since beginning her artistic career in the early 1990s, Lisa Yuskavage has been largely credited with the reemergence of figurative painting and with redefining how the medium relates to contemporary culture. For this untitled piece, Yuskavage has executed the figure with silk embroidery on leather.