New Yorker Leandra Medine has achieved many feats in the fashion industry: She’s the founder of the popular multimedia website Man Repeller, an original social media influencer, an author, and a shoe designer, too. Originally branded under the name MR by Man Repeller in 2016, Medine’s shoe label is relaunched this season simply as Leandra Medine. The high-quality shoes continue to reflect Medine’s feminine yet irreverent personal style. And they’re now available at Barneys for the first time.

Featuring colorful, embellished designs like ruffled mules, velvet and suede loafers, and fun fringed pumps, the style range offers something that can work in anyone’s wardrobe. Read on as we chatted with Medine to discover more about the Fall 2018 Leandra Medine collection. 

LEANDRA MEDINE Velvet Ruffled Mules

The Window: How would you describe your shoe collection’s aesthetic?
Leandra Medine:
Thoughtful, reliable, easy but unexpected. Surprise and delight are almost always the two emotions I am after in creative production.

Speaking to the design process, how did you select which silhouettes and fabrications to use this season? Do you have a favorite style?
These styles were informed by the shoes I most wanted in my own closet. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel—I just want to produce shoes that I myself wish existed. What is the perfect winter boot? Transition sandal? How do you make a formal shoe feel like it has a place coming with you to get your morning coffee? I ask myself questions along these lines and design accordingly. The carpet pumps with fringe heel are one of my favorites from the Barneys order—they were inspired by the Persian rugs in my parents’ home (my mom grew up in Iran). I suppose, in many ways, the collection’s design process has also been informed by finding the delight, or sense of enchantment, in the everyday details of my own life.

How would you style these shoes for fall?
The same way I’d style any other shoes I really love…just wear them with everything.

What does it mean for you to have the Leandra Medine shoes available here at Barneys New York?
It’s a welcome partnership that thrills my inner teenager, who wanted to immerse herself in the Barneys experience day in and out.

LEANDRA MEDINE Velvet Ruffled Mules


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