lamerThe renewing powers of La Mer have made the revolutionary brand a mainstay on vanities across the globe. Using nourishing ingredients like the signature sea kelp Miracle Broth™ formula, its serums and creams leave skin hydrated, reducing signs of aging. The experts of La Mer now hope to be a part of the client’s full beauty routine, expanding from skincare to cosmetics with the launch of Skincolor de La Mer. The collection includes foundation, concealers, powders, and skin tints, all available in a range of shades to match any skin tone. With the trend of multitasking beauty products on the rise, Skincolor de La Mer offers the nutrient-rich healing benefits that you’d expect as well as seamless makeup coverage.

To learn more about the launch, we chatted with Clyde Johnson, La Mer’s Chief Education Expert, who provided some application tips and a video on how to refresh makeup to achieve a daily gorgeous look.

The Window: All of the cosmetics from the new Skincolor line contain the famous Miracle Broth™ ingredient. What are the benefits of using makeup with that formula?

Clyde Johnson: Our exclusive formula renews and livens the skin. It’s really the heart and soul of La Mer and is essential in any new collection. Even after you take off the Skincolor products, your skin will still be improved over time with these hydrating ingredients.

How can you tell which shade is right for you?
The best approach is to go to the La Mer counter, where one of our skincare artists can select the intensity and shade. With this consultation, you’ll get a perfect fit and a customized finish, personalized specifically for you.

la mer
LA MER Foundation Brush / LA MER Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 / LA MER The Concealer / LA MER The Powder / Photo: Courtesy of La Mer

Why do you think that multi-purpose products are a big trend right now in skincare and cosmetics?
I think because of how demanding our lives can be, we’re seeing the increased desire to have makeup that offers both instant results and longterm repair. Using Skincolor, the hydrating ingredients work even after you take it off. We always want to get skin to that happy, centered place, which we refer to as “the look of La Mer”—healthy and luminous.

Could the Skincolor products be used on their own?
The Skincolor products are really best applied as a finishing step in a full a skincare regimen. So ideally, the products are applied right after a moisturizer, when the skin is really dewy. This allows for continuous reparative results from the Miracle Broth™ and the makeup compliments a beauty routine in a new way. You can also mix La Mer products, like the renewal oil, into the foundation, for a fresh and glowing effect.

What is the best technique to apply Skincolor products for everyday wear?
I am a huge believer in applying moisturizer or lotion first, because it’ll give you the best results throughout the day. Start by applying a liberal amount moisturizer and then blend in color. I recommend sweeping the foundation brush from middle of the face to the outside corners, repeating and building up more coverage where needed. Follow by layering concealer and if interested in a beautiful soft matte finish, I recommend setting with powder for extra dimension.

la mer
LA MER The Powder / LA MER Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 / LA MER The Concealer / LA MER The Powder Brush / LA MER The Foundation Brush

Are there certain skin types that the Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation, and the Skintint work best for?
With these two formulas, it really comes down to what the client is trying to achieve and their lifestyle. For example, the Long Wear Foundation would be a beautiful daily choice but perhaps on weekends, a simplified regimen with the Skintint might be a better fit. If a client is looking for something flawless for evening, the tint can be applied under a foundation. Here you’ll achieve a gorgeous overall look and no camera will pick up anything but perfection!

As we’re heading into the winter months, are there extra skincare steps you’d recommend?
First, always make sure your cleansing regimen is gentle and hydrating before applying makeup. Too much heat or over-scrubbing can make the skin more sensitive in cold weather. Particularly I love using the mistcleansing water, or foam as they are all perfect on the go. For more hydration, use a serum and then a treatment lotion, which will deliver instant energy to the skin. Also, the perfect cream for the winter months is the emollient Crème de la Mer. The key is to never let your face become completely dry, and to apply makeup while the skin is still dewy from a serum, cream, or moisturizer for best results.


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