We have a feeling that when touting the wonders of La Mer, we’re really just preaching to the choir. Nevertheless, here we are again, spreading the gospel of the legendary skincare brand.

Devotees of Crème de la Mer, the luxuriously rich moisturizer, will want to pay close attention. La Mer has a new new creation and it’s called The Lifting & Firming Mask. According to Loretta Miraglia, the company’s SVP of Global Brand Product Development & Innovation, this groundbreaking formula “reinvents the standard cream mask by combining the strength and speed of a pure, concentrated serum with a completely luxurious, spa-worthy mask texture.” Serum strength plus decadence of a spa treatment—got that?


As you’d expect from any La Mer product, the science behind the mask is leading edge. A combination of brown algae, marine peptides and plant stem cells help accelerate production of collagen—the protein that keeps your skin looking firm—by up to a factor of ten. We won’t go into too much more detail because all you really need to know is this stuff works.

La Mer recommends applying the mask before bed since nighttime is when your body naturally does its repair and recovery work. How else can you beautify while you sleep? Six Hollywood makeup artists—and devoted fans of the brand—share their  nighttime rituals and skincare tips below.



Cindy Williams, Makeup Artist for The Mindy Project

“Consistency is most important of all—whatever you apply. I recommend my clients use a serum and moisturizer every day, and then alternate in an intensive restructuring overnight treatment like La Mer’s Lifting and Firming Mask once to twice a week for the most radiant skin.” 

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Mary Phillips, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“I’m careful to exfoliate so that my moisturizer can more easily penetrate. An overnight humidifier helps skin products absorb even more, and facilitates deeper beauty sleep.” 

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Eryn Krueger Mekash, Makeup Department Head
on American Horror Story

“I wash with cleansing wipes and eye makeup remover, swipe on the cleansing lotion, and finish with Crème de la Mer on my face, neck and chest. Lip balm goes on right before bed for the best results.” 

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Georgie Eisdell, Celebrity Makeup Artist

“A workout at some point in the day always helps me sleep more deeply that night. And a relaxing warm shower, comfy pajamas and a glass of red wine all help set the stage for bliss.”

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Jorjee Douglass, Makeup Department Head on New Girl

“It may seem counterintuitive, but gently exfoliate and use a lighter product at night and a more hydrating cream in the morning for a glow. I use serum at night and in the morning, serum layered with the Moisturizing Soft Cream. And I never forget eye cream, both AM and PM!” 

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Robin Fredriksz, Film Makeup Artist

“I love using a mask like the Lifting & Firming Mask because it forces me to stay put! Taking a moment in private can be so therapeutic for both your skin and mind. And I’ve noticed that the formula works immediately so that makeup goes on smoother the next morning.”