L.O.N.B. doesn’t just stand for Love Or Nothing Baby—it stands for living life to the fullest while redefining the classics of a 21st-century traveler. After launching in April 2017, the brand has become the epitome of timeless style, which is exactly what founder Melissa Morris set out to do with her collection of refined leather bags and accessories. The earthy palettes derive from vintage cars and amarone, her favorite wine, while the genuinely practical details of the designs stem from a forward-thinking, technical mind.

SIMILAR: L.O.N.B. Roma Small Suede Shoulder Bag
SIMILAR: L.O.N.B. Roma Small Leather Shoulder Bag

“We’re always on the go, more than ever, but the inside of a bag has never kept up,” Morris explains. Whether you’re crossing an ocean or simply a city, modern life often revolves around travels great and small, so it makes sense that the way you choose to organize your belongings should move with you elegantly throughout the day. When Morris says all L.O.N.B. bags are “designed for a journey,” she is not speaking euphemistically.

So what is an essential component of a good travel bag? “You think I’m [going to] say pockets,” says Morris, whose designs have already developed a reputation for their smart storage solutions made with real-world dimensions in mind. Indeed, intuitive functionality is one of the major focal points of her practice, but before even slipping a passport into its very own pouch, “feel how lightweight this is,” says Morris, proffering the Perriand model. “I’m actually obsessed with it,” she confesses.

These improvements, invisible to the eye, are a testament to the fact that Morris has done her fair share of traveling, taking stock of some dos and don’ts along the way. “It always drives me crazy when you’re going through security and no one has prepared their things to put through the belt,” says Morris. Her answer? The Runaway: a modular piece that can either serve as a stand-alone shoulder bag or be clipped into a larger L.O.N.B. style as an internal organizer panel. It offers the luxury of time not spent rummaging for your essentials, allowing you to focus on the adventure ahead.

L.O.N.B. Private Eye Leather Satchel

For Morris, travel is an incredibly powerful tool, not just because it’s fun and inspiring, “but because it opens up our minds and our hearts.” Especially when, like Morris, you explore spontaneously, asking locals for tips and seeing where the moment takes you: “The last thing you want is to feel like you’re in a tourist factory,” she says. “There has to be a certain openness and free spirit to the approach.”

It’s thanks to this positive attitude that Morris was undeterred in her lengthy search to find like-minded craftspeople willing to take on the challenge of creating elegant bags with an equal commitment to craft and function. When at last she did, it was a meeting of minds. London-based Morris describes herself and the artisans she works with in Italy as “a team of fanatics.” They are passionate about what they do, down to the very last detail, and it shows. “Ask our head craftsman [about our edge paint],” Morris says. “He will not stop talking.” But this zeal goes beyond the material, beyond the aesthetic, beyond the bags. It’s a whole philosophy, and one we should all adopt: Love or nothing, baby.


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