Known for her sultry vocals and signature violet locks, Justine Skye was the perfect choice to join forces with us for a special creative venture: the Barneys New York x Justine Skye iridescent stiletto sandal. We were beyond confident in the artist’s ability to bring the heat with her exclusive shoe—after all, she’s a pro at serving looks on the red carpet and making waves in the music industry.

After wrapping up the project, we were able to chat with the singer, taking a deeper dive into her design decisions over the last few months and her role in the fashion arena, in general. Read on as the creative opens up and takes us behind the scenes of her first collaboration with the Barneys New York collection.

BARNEYS NEW YORK X JUSTINE SKYE Iridescent Stamped Leather Sandals

The Window: Your looks on the red carpet are always stunningly well thought out. When did your relationship with fashion start?
Justine Skye: My relationship with fashion started when I was about 16. I started to become more aware of my surroundings in my hometown of Brooklyn, and my own sense of style started to truly develop from there. I always felt that my environment played a major role in the way I viewed style as a whole. From New York Fashion Week to the buzz of street fashion that you see every day, New York City is the perfect environment to cultivate a love for all things fashion.

How would you describe your personal style?
My style is really dependent on my mood, but also inspired by my home. I’m from Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and the rich culture and people continue to play a part in how I interpret fashion and express that in personal style.

We were thrilled to reach out about the collaboration! What were your feelings on Barneys approaching you to design a shoe?
I was truly in complete shock and extremely excited. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately started looking for inspiration and placing together a mood board. I was so eager and prepared intently for the design meetings. I knew exactly what I wanted to create, and in the end I was thrilled with the outcome. The launch day is going to be beyond amazing, but I feel this is a design that will continue to create buzz even after the event ends.

The design process came so naturally for you. What ideas did you have before and throughout the execution process? 
It’s summertime, so I wanted to make a shoe that people could wear right now. “See now, buy now” is important to me. Also, there was no doubt I wanted it to be purple, considering that’s my thing, and the snake texture adds a new edge that I know the ladies will enjoy.

thedropLA@barneys is finally here! What are you most excited for?
I’m excited for everyone to see my shoe and also to see what everyone else has created. There are so many different collaborations, activations, and exciting people coming. It’s going to not only be fun [but also] a success that I’m truly proud to be a part of.