If there’s anything we love more than a party, it’s those few minutes before the party actually starts. You’re ready to go, looking forward to seeing your friends and perhaps having a cocktail, and soaking up the pre-festivity anticipation. Well, either that or you’re still getting your makeup done, being handsewn into your favorite bodysuit, and taking a moment to jump on the bed with your model friends. For Unravel Project’s Ben Taverniti and his fiancé, celebrity makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, the lead-up to our Fashion Week fête for Unravel certainly fell into the latter category, with the party preparations priming the pump for the evening’s madcap energy and fever-pitch excitement. Fortunately for us, photographer Marcus Cooper was on hand in their hotel room to document the fun.

We also took advantage of a brief pause in the shenanigans to pose a few fun questions to the duo in a new series for The Window called This, That, or Other? We posed two options in a variety of subjects to the couple, allowing them to pick one or supply their own alternative. The results led to a few surprises and more than a few giggles. Read on for their picks and to see all the fun.


Sleep in, up early, or other?

Joyce Bonelli: Up early

Ben Taverniti: Up early


Fries, pizza, or other?

JB: Sushi

BT: Sushi


Text, talk, or other?

JB: Both!

BT: Neither… Leave me alone!


New York, Paris, or other?

JB: Paris

BT: Paris


Cook, Seamless, or other?

JB: Postmates

BT: Joyce is the one cooking… Therefore, Postmates


Netflix, book, or other?

JB: Apple TV

BT: Apple TV


Instagram, Snapchat, or other?

JB: Both!

BT: Instagram


Kittens, puppies, or other?

JB: Puppies

BT: Neither. I’m too O.C.D. for pets


Summer, winter, or other?

JB: Both summer and fall

BT: Summer


 Gym, yoga, or other?

JB: PLASTIC SURGEON! Haha! Actually, eat healthy.

BT: Gym


Seaside, countryside, or other?

JB: Seaside

BT: Seaside


Suit, jeans, or other?

JB: Leather

BT: Anything that I can play with for the collection



First things first, Joyce Bonelli applies a bit of color for model and musician, to say nothing of friend, Shanty Franco before the evening’s festivities get into full swing.

Shanty poses with the party’s invitation, which was printed on fabric and drew inspiration from the graphics used in Unravel Project‘s fall collection.

Shanty shows off a bit of artwork of her own while taking  look at the collection.

There’s always time for jumping on the bed, at least as far as Joyce and Ben are concerned.

A woman’s work is never done. Joyce puts her styling skills to work in helping Ben prep for the party.

A quiet moment for the couple.

Ben returns the favor by helping Joyce apply her makeup, though she seems less than impressed with the results.

Turning the tables on photographer Marcus Cooper, Joyce snaps a pic of him in action.

Nothing calls for last-minute alterations like being being pregnant with twins! Ben makes an adjustment as he handsews Joyce’s outfit for the evening.

One more for good measure: while not pre-party, Joyce does a quick touch-up for model Hailey Baldwin during the rooftop afterparty.

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