Before Jonathan Adler had established his namesake line of home décor, he was a bohemian, clay-spattered potter who arrived for his first date with Simon Doonan on roller blades—yes, roller blades. The year was 1994, and Adler had just gotten a big break when Barneys placed an order for his pottery, pushing him to create his own LLC. Meanwhile, Simon was on the Barneys creative team overseeing the store windows.

Needless to say, Adler ended up marrying Doonan and over the last 20 years has built a design empire around his immaculate craftsmanship and signature sense of humor. For The Barneys Podcast, “In Conversation” episode four, the charming, creative duo sat down to reminisce about everything from that first date—according to Adler: “It’s a miracle we’re here today because the first date was kind of disaster-adjacent!”—to how he turned his “primal connection” with clay into a career, all with plenty of laughter along the way.

They also discuss Jonathan Adler’s upcoming 25th anniversary collection at Barneys, which will include an installation space at the Madison Avenue Flagship, plus a selection of Exclusively Ours pieces. Some of the collection is available now on preorder.

For more insider anecdotes, tune into “In Conversation” episode 4 of The Barneys Podcast.



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