There’s no place like Haas For The Holidays! Building on our history of jaw-dropping holiday collaborations—we’re looking at you, Gaga, Disney, and Baz—we’re thrilled to announce that this year’s partnership has us joining forces with the artist duo, the Haas Brothers. Known for their signature playful creativity, Simon and Nikolai Haas have worked with Barneys to create a set of store windows, limited-edition merchandise, interactive in-store experiences, and a social giving campaign that aim to spread a message of diversity and inclusion this holiday season.

“We’re so excited to translate our artistic vision into experiences that will entertain and delight a whole new audience, and also shine a light on inclusiveness during these divisive times,” the brothers said of collaborating with our team on Haas For The Holidays. “Working with Barneys has been a one-of-a-kind experience.”

haas brothers
Simon and Nikolai Haas have become known for their whimsical-yet-sculptural, occasionally surreal approach to the art they create.

In partnership with creative director Matthew Mazzucca and Barneys’ team, Simon and Nikolai have created an imaginative universe that offers an interpretation of the Earth through the ages, with some of the Haas’ recurring characters coexisting across eras ranging from the planet’s beginning to the far distant future. Through animation and sculpture, four of these epochs will be depicted in Barneys’ Madison Avenue window displays, illustrating four phases of time: Primordial, Utopia, Millennium, and a vision of the future that’s been titled Mushroom Singularity. Each will see appearances by Haas characters like Rainbow Baggins—a rainbow-striped zebra—Rhinona Wyder, and more. The Madison Avenue windows, as well as interpretation at flagship locations across the country, will be open beginning November 16th.

haas bothers
One of the Madison Avenue windows will depict a vision of a far-distant future entitled Mushroom Singularity, as this rendering depicts. The window will feature an animated background with characters like the sun, moon, and clouds, which repeat throughout the project.

“There’s a positivity that the Haas Brothers have brought to the windows,” says Mazzucca. “They’re really simplistic and childlike, and they offer an escapism—even if they are very relevant to politics in America today.” That political slant is summed up by a series of “Haas Rules,” a set of witticisms that will be featured on windows, throughout the stores, and in a social giving campaign using #HaasRules. With slogans like “The Future is Your Present”—a sentiment about taking care of the planet in order to pass it along to the next generation—and “Can’t Have Rainbows Without Rain,” the rules continue to spread the positive spirit of the holiday season. Barneys’ Downtown store will feature a large, playful snake weaving through the two windows, for example, with a message urging passersby to “Snake Love, Not War.”

Starting November 16 and running until New Year’s Day, followers can help spread these messages of positivity by sharing a photo or their own phrase and using #HaasRules. For each post, the Barneys New York Foundation will make a $5 donation to the Children’s Defense Fund, which is dedicated to providing a voice for children with regard to issues of diversity, poverty, and disabilities.

haas Brothers
The Haas Brothers’ coloring book features illustrated versions of the Haas Rules. All proceeds from the book will be donated to the Children’s Defense Fund.

To further support the CDF, the BNY Foundation will also be making an overall contribution and donating 100% of the proceeds from Haas-designed coloring book sets featuring characters from the collaboration. Beyond the books, though, this season’s offering includes more than 40 different exclusive products incorporating the Haas Brothers’ aesthetic and wit. With pieces like Elder Statesman cashmere T-shirts and beanies, kids’ skateboards, and rainbow zebra-print housewares, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your gifting lift, with a little something left over for yourself.

haas brothers
One of the #HaasRules, “Sunbody Loves You,” animates playful clouds. This kids’ skateboard with a Haas-designed deck will be offered as part of the collaboration.
haas brothers
The Haas Brothers’ artwork is also featured in Barneys’ holiday catalogue. Here, a 2017 piece, Father with Mango to Pink Crossfade Porcelain Accretion and TS Neck, pairs nicely with Manolo Blahnik’s Mincha Suede Sandals.

Please join Barneys and the Haas Brothers at any of our stores later this month or check back here to see more as we share our wishes for a warm and Haas-y Holiday!