With International Day of the Girl happening this Sunday, October 11, and our #GirlPossible campaign taking off on social media, the latest Barneys New York window installations are in full support with the powerful message of ‘Anything is possible when…’ Bringing awareness to our cause, First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn initiative, and International Day of the Girl, the mission is clear: gender equality. “International Day of the Girl is all about raising awareness for girls’ rights on a global level,” said Charlotte Blechman, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Barneys. “Social media plays such an important role in today’s world, and it can be incredibly powerful when used for good.”


Installed across 15 Barneys New York locations from October 9-14, the windows mark a major project for our visuals team. “It’s rare for us to do something across all the stores as one big initiative,” explains Matt Mazzucca, Vice President of Windows and Exteriors at Barneys. “Our challenge with something like this is about adapting to the architecture of each store and identifying where the traffic is; where people will stop and consume the information.” For the Madison Ave windows, the team created a graphic treatment featuring the statement “Anything is possible when…” along with the mission statements of Let Girls Learn, The Girls Lounge, and International Day of the Girl.


Centrally situated behind the glass is a video screen revealing answers to the phrase, which were globally crowd sourced via email. Name, age, and location are all displayed on the screen with each girl’s personal belief on what makes anything possible. Spanning from 18-year-old Anya in Berlin, Germany to 47-year-old Concha in Atascadero, California, each message empowers the cause. “Some responses are more general, overarching ideas and needs, while some are very specific, and I think it’s nice to creatively show the specific needs as opposed just a big idea,” Mazzucca explains. “It reveals the importance of the cause and creates a dialogue.”


So let’s talk about gender equality and empower our girls, because as Ayden, 18, from Denver says, “Anything is possible when we work together.”

Want to get involved? Showing us your own #GirlPossible is as simple as four little steps:

  1. On a piece of paper, write the message, “Anything is possible when ____________.” And fill in the blank with your answer.
  2. Snap a pic holding your message.
  3. Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtags #GirlPossible and #IDG2015. Also, be sure to tag @BarneysNYOfficial and @TheGirlsLounge.
  4. Tag your heroes—anyone who inspires you—to nominate them to take part as well.