Photographed by Alex Brown.

When it comes to style, some women just have IT—capital I, capital T—and Delpozo’s Indre Rockefeller is certainly one of them. A graduate of both Princeton and Stanford, not to mention a former assistant of, ahem, Anna Wintour, Rockefeller has matched her beauty, brains, and business background with a personal style that has us swooning.

So when the Spanish brand started making new inroads stateside, it was no wonder that they tapped Indre to serve as their president here in the U.S. Having started the role this past April, she’s already noticed the brand’s aesthetic influencing her own, as evidenced in the photos of her home office in Gramercy Park below. Scroll on for the full tour of Indre’s workspace and our discussion about her new role with the brand.



Describe Delpozo, in your own words:
Artistic, intellectual, fresh, crafted, feminine, architectural, and inspired.

How is what you do at Delpozo reflected in your office?
As U.S. President of Delpozo, I work with every department of the brand. While it was love at first sight, Creative Director Josep Font’s work and the Delpozo aesthetic has continued to infiltrate my style and my own aesthetic. In my work space, the importance of color, the influence of art, and the unexpected pairing of textures are adapted from the Delpozo universe.


What are some of your workspace must-haves?
First, I surround myself with books and inspiring imagery. Josep’s sketches are currently all around my office. Second, anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I love pencils. There’s something very liberating about the idea of being able to iterate your ideas in pencil, and hand-in-hand with the pencils come the Smythson notebooks.



Any guidelines to decorating such a functional environment?
Functional doesn’t mean it can’t be inspirational. Surround yourself with anything—notes, images, photographs, clippings, or books—that motivates you.

What kind of personal touches do you keep in your office?
The colors, prints, and textures of the workspace, along with the art, books, and photographs that have sentimental value to me.



What keeps you going through a long day at work?
A recently developed obsession with soy matcha lattes and my fantastic team. Mostly my team.

What do you love the most about your job?
The fact that I have a very emotional and intuitive connection with the Delpozo product. Every day, I work on developing a brand that I genuinely love.


Stylist: Leila Thurtell.
Photography assistant: Christopher Morel.