It’s no secret that we love New York—the city is in our name, after all. We especially love how the city takes on a newfound energy during Fashion Week. We aren’t the only ones to think so—we recently tapped some of the artistic minds that are part of the Dapper Studios collective, a team of creative minds who produce stunning content out of their New York studio. Helmed by creative director and style star Dapper Lou, the studio created the above video to talk about what they love about New York, especially during Fashion Week. If you feel the same way too, we want to hear about it. Read on to find out how you can be a part of our #I❤NYFW campaign.

Grown out of photo shoots that Lou used to put together in his backyard, Dapper Studios was a natural progression as his site grew and the need for indoor space became clear. “There were a number of windy days, chances of rain and cold temperatures. Getting the opportunity to work in a controlled environment made all the difference,” he tells us. “The space has a lot of natural light, so it’s reminiscent of the time I spent shooting in my backyard.”

The decision to expand from a one-man team into a full creative collective was also a natural one. “The idea happened over time as I saw myself consistently collaborating with a network of talented individuals. I could go on for hours describing everyone’s contributions to various shoots, but it was clear that we had a unique synergy. It’s really an honor to work with likeminded individuals who share the same values.”

For Fashion Week, Dapper Studios is partnering with the Council of Fashion Designers of America on a series of videos, but that’s only one example of the wide variety of work the team produces. “We create work that we love and believe in,” Lou continues. “It is influenced by our culture, personalities, and interests. Although it is a collaborative effort, our individual strengths are present in each work we produce, and everyone brings their own strengths. I’d say that sets us apart from the industry norm—we truly have our own voice.”

As the Dapper Studios team shares their passion for Fashion Week, we invite you to do the same by taking part in our #I❤NYFW campaign. Just follow these easy steps to let us know why you love the magic of New York’s most stylish week:

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In the meantime, scroll on to check in with a few members of the Dapper Studios team to see why NYFW hold such a special place in their hearts.

Name: Joekenneth Museau
Role at Dapper Studios: Writer
Favorite thing about NYFW: Observing how fashion culls together individuals from various walks of life. You can feel the energy and you can see networks being formed, all because of a common interest.
How does your Fashion Week differ from a normal NYC week? I become an even more creative pedestrian. Always on the move, whether I’m trying to catch a train or rushing from a show to a presentation.
What are 3 must-have items that help you get through Fashion Week? First and foremost, a fully charged phone. A bottle of water to stay hydrated. And my Converse 70s All-Star sneakers to get around quickly without worrying about how many people step on my feet!
What show are you most looking forward to this season? I’m looking forward to seeing the Todd Snyder show. For as much as I can appreciate the couture nature of runway pieces, I am undoubtedly drawn to seeing clothes that I would actually wear. I feel like Todd has propelled himself to the forefront of menswear by designing minimal, everyday clothing for the modern man. I also hear that the amazing trumpeter Keyon Harrold is performing at the show, so I definitely can’t miss that!

Name: Tamika Wilkins
Role at Dapper Studios: Stylist
Favorite thing about NYFW: The influx of amazing street style. Fashion Week is always great for people watching and seeing how individuals are styling themselves. A lot of inspiration comes from the street.
How does your Fashion Week differ from a normal NYC week? During Fashion Week, if I happen to be attending a show or two, it can get a bit more hectic, but in a good way. The city is more abuzz, and I love it.
What are 3 must-have items that help you get through Fashion Week? Water, my Marc Jacobs bag—it carries all my necessities—and of course, my iPhone.
What shows are you most looking forward to this season? I’m really looking forward to seeing Ryan Roche and Prabal Gurung’s collections.

Name: Dapper Lou
Role at Dapper Studios: Creative Director
Favorite thing about NYFW: I like shooting backstage, because it’s organized chaos and I get to shoot unique content.
How does your Fashion Week differ from a normal NYC week? I get to see a lot of my creative friends, so that’s always exciting and refreshing.
What are 3 must-have items that help you get through Fashion Week? A camera, comfortable shoes, and a hat.
What shows are you most looking forward to this season? I’m most looking forward to DYNE and VISVIM.


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