Soft yet textured hair looks just as natural on the streets of Paris (French girls have long mastered this look) as it does dining al fresco after a day at the sea. Despite its effortless appeal, it does take a bit of clever styling to achieve, which is why we turned to our in-house hair stylist Valery Joseph, who owns several namesake salons, as well as B3 Barneys Blow Bar By Valery Joseph, located in Barneys Madison Avenue. Below, he breaks down how the simple steps to creating this easy, breezy summer look.

The Cut:
The most important step to getting this look right is the haircut. It needs to be precise. Often, people with light to medium density hair lack body because the ends are weighing them down. Start with a simple 90-degree cut at the desired length. Then, request for your stylist to razor and texturize the ends of the hair—this is best done when the hair is dry. This way, you’re eliminating the weight from the ends allowing the roots to lift. The feathery ends will give the hair more natural wave and body.


If you’re on the beach or by the pool, it’s best to let the air dry your hair. Otherwise, blow dry the hair without a nozzle.

It’s all about achieving that day-old look, so if you’ve just washed your hair, you need to create it. Start with a styling cream, like Smooth Head Defense Style Cream. It will not only protect your hair from the heat of the sun or a blow dryer, but also to start to build texture. Finish off with a texture spray and use a serum to finish the ends—the ends are such an important part of the look.

Dry shampoo is great for refreshing the look. This style truly looks best after a few days, so it isn’t about washing it too often! When the hair is dry, don’t brush it because it will make it greasy and dull looking and will take away the naturally tousled feel. If the hair feels a little tired, use a curling iron. Divide the hair into big sections and open up with fingers to create the tousled look.

If You Have Bangs:
Try blow drying just the bangs to give yourself a more finished look around the face. To help control that kink around the hairline, take one section on each side of the ear and do a quick twist with your fingers and blow dry or use a curling iron to create soft, little waves to frame the face.

If You Have Curls
I recommend using an oil to create soft texture, and put your hair in a loose ponytail while it dries. The tension of the ponytail will help minimize the puffiness of the hair and keep it more in control. Or, try two soft, big braids and use your fingers to open up the curls when you take it out.




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