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As the most recent installment of our “Ode To” series—soliloquies of devotion penned in honor of our favorite products, designers, and brands—we asked beauty guru Patrick Foley to give us the scoop on his most necessary makeup miracle-worker.

Being the resident makeup artist at Barneys Beverly Hills, I am often asked what one product I can’t live without. This is like asking Imelda Marcos to choose her favorite heel. But just this one time, I shall semi-begrudgingly share the not-so-secret star of my bottomless makeup kit: the weightless, wondrous Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer.

With a lightweight finish that glides smoothly over any skin tone, a punch of SPF 15, and the power to add brightness where dullness once was, this primer has been the base of nearly every face I’ve come into contact with—be it at the store, pre-red carpet, or the occasional hurricane-prone photo shoot.

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It’s true—Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer has never failed. Even on a photo shoot in the Bahamas during hurricane season, this primer kept the makeup from being a disaster. Mother Nature was doing her darndest. The hairstylist held up his hands in defeat and went for a slicked-back “wet look.” With the focus completely on the model’s face, the water-resistant primer saved the impossibly long 18-hour day. That’s the story if you ask me, anyway.

During the Academy Awards, my day starts so early, and the makeup has to stay on all through the night. It’s always kind of nerve-racking. With the recent switch to high-definition television, along with critics who dissect every inch of actors’ head-to-toe looks, once again, the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer gets gold stars. (I’d give it the Oscar but my clients would protest.) Morning of, hopping around houses or stationed at a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel—and working on five clients in five hours—there’s no time to second-guess yourself. The primer is the start of each actor’s total ensemble. Its effortless application helps color show true on screens at home and, most importantly, creates that perfect, poreless look. As stylists come rushing through, dresses in hand, I feel confident knowing that my clients are already glowing from within.

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Even when I have come into contact with women who don’t want to wear foundation, I apply this product to even out any redness and smooth the texture of the skin. Busy ladies of all ages, who were previous primer nonbelievers—or, more likely, disregarders—are quick to sing its praises. When clients respond to a product so enthusisatically, I feel reassured. I’ve been open to other things, and I still like to play around with all the gorgeous product at my disposal at Barneys—but in the end, I always come back to this one.

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