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Hourglass founder and CEO Carisa Janes

Nearly every woman has experienced the ritual of mascara application—a fairly consistent process regardless of brand or outcome. The latest launch from Hourglass redefines this experience, thanks to a stunning lash tool and its accompanying two-part product system. The Curator, a stainless steel applicator, offers maximum control of coverage at every angle, starting at the base of the lash—a level of prevision impossible to achieve with the ubiquitous bristles or brushes on the market. The tool is used with along with a sheer, extended-wear primer and an inky mascara formula to create utterly defined, long lashes.

The moment the wand landed on our desk, we knew it would be a beautiful addition to any dressing table—but it was actually experiencing the tool and its results that started an office frenzy. We couldn’t wait to catch up with Hourglass founder and CEO Carisa Janes to discuss her latest triumph, which took years to develop. Below, she explains her latest product’s point of difference.

Why this product—why now?
There are hundreds of mascaras, but the Curator is a bristle and brush-free mascara tool. The stainless steel wand enables you to reach the lashes that you couldn’t before with traditional mascara—it has a full 360-degree application range! It was created with a stainless steel tip for optimal mascara application around each individual lash. The result is more defined, sophisticated lashes. I love the application ritual that comes with the Curator, and the look of my lashes—it’s addictive!

The Curator’s packaging has such a distinct look and feel—modern yet retro. What was the inspiration behind its design?
Curator reflects my love of design and function. It’s shaped for ultimate control and precise application but is encased in a luxurious gold stylet. It truly encompasses the modern luxury aesthetic of the brand. I am inspired by modern art, design, and architecture. All Hourglass products combine style and substance.

How do you approach the development of a new formulation like this?
First and foremost, I’m a consumer. My background is in product development, but I always design with the busy, modern woman in mind. We worked tirelessly to find the perfect primer and mascara formulas to complement the Curator Lash Instrument.

So, you draw on your own beauty routine and experiences when creating products?
Absolutely! I’m always thinking about what I’m missing, what I wish I had, or what could be improved on. I created the Curator because I’ve always wanted to tightline with mascara. I realized that’s not something you can achieve with a bristle or molded brush—they keep you from getting to the base of the lash. Curator allows me to get as close as possible to the lash line, creating the darkest tightlining effect, which makes eyes brighter and bigger.

What’s next from Hourglass that you are excited about?
I’m excited about our limited edition Ambient Lighting Edit Palette this holiday season. Last year’s palette had a waitlist of over 10,000, and this year will be even bigger. I’ve always wanted to develop products that women are excited about, that make them feel more confident, and that they will use for years to come.

HOURGLASS The Curator Lash Instrument / HOURGLASS The Curator Lash Primer – Ascent / HOURGLASS The Curator Mascara – Realist

“I am inspired by modern art, design, and architecture. All Hourglass products combine style and substance.” -Carisa Janes

While the primer lifts and nourishes the lashes, the mascara’s jet-black formula provides length and definition to create clean, separated lashes.

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