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These Stylish Décor Pieces Will Transform Your Home, And They’re Domino Approved

Domino magazine’s style editor, Elaina Sullivan, on transforming spaces and what she’s coveting most from the newly relaunched Home department at Barneys New York.

As with our wardrobes, a seasonal home refresh just feels right. A new set of linens or a rotation of throw pillows is an easy way to renew a space, but to expertly curate like an interior designer, well, that takes a little extra know-how — especially when the décor bug really strikes.

Whether embarking on design makeovers or seasonal updates, a stroke of inspiration is all you need when ideating an interior aesthetic. That’s why we tapped Domino style editor Elaina Sullivan, who collaborated with Barneys New York for the relaunch of Barneys Home at the Madison Avenue flagship store with a curated space, which will be in-store until November 11. Sullivan let us in on what’s big in the interior décor world right now and shared a few pro tips on how to effectively transform a space with an elevated feel. What’s more, the design aficionado plucked an edit of pieces to shop from the newly redesigned home department, including Italian-made ceramics from the label Laboratorio to spirited accent pieces from Lisa Perry.

The Window: What are your favorite interior design trends right now and why?
Elaina Sullivan:
 It’s all in the details. Recently, I’m loving tinted grout with a complementary tile or pale leather piping on a contrasting mohair sofa. I like to get inspired by the details in fashion to inform interior design decisions.

What are your top tips for decorating a room or home right now?
Invest in your staples and build from there. Having a few good pieces, whether it’s art or furniture, to act as the bones of the room is essential to creating a beautifully curated space.

What is the most essential piece(s) in a room to make it feel well curated?
For me, it’s always the art. I started collecting five years ago and now I build every room based on the piece I’m feeling at the moment. Buy those weirder pieces whenever possible. Sprinkling in flea market finds with your staples gives a space your own style and personality. It truly is like building a collection and takes time and editing, so don’t rush into thinking it can be built overnight.

What is the number one décor question you always get asked, and what is your response?”
“What’s your favorite white paint?” I’ve been getting this one for years, and my answer is always Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore. It’s the purest white at the best price for the quality. Catch me over drinks for the funny backstory on how I discovered it…

What was it like collaborating with Barneys New York on the newly relaunched Home department?
I’ve been a huge fan of Barneys for years. My best friend worked here in our early ‘20s, and we would meet up during his break to look at the collections and get inspired. So, I was obviously thrilled when I heard we’d be collaborating. They have a relatively big team and ours is tiny, so we were working on this while closing an issue and planning for the next one. Given more time, I would have gone crazy, but we edited from their collection for a space that feels #SOdomino.

For those who oscillate between design aesthetics, how do you recommend combining styles?
Go with your stylistic gut. The best spaces are the ones that unapologetically mix time periods and styles. Pairing a contemporary painting above an 18th-century credenza can be incredible.


“I just discovered this brand while planning our event and love these mixed in a bookshelf as an added layer.”
“A vessel to add a punch of pattern to a simple arrangement.”
“The perfect accent to bring out the palette of any room.”
“I love these Klein Reid pieces for a dramatic floral arrangement as a grouping on an entry table or on a bedside solo.”
“Never has there ever been a chicer nut bowl. It's cute on a coffee table as a functional object.”
“Style this on your vanity coffee table to corral your collections in one place.”
“Add this to a console or accent table for a sculptural gaming moment.”
“Lisa Perry everything, always! This set is an easy way to bring your party from the cocktail bar to the living room like a pro.”
"I love a bar cart that also acts as an art piece. Fill one up with all your best cocktail-ing accoutrements."

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