Whether they’re bedecking the Rockefeller Center tree, glistening up and down Madison Avenue, or twinkling beneath fluffy mounds of snow, holiday lights have a way of lifting the spirits. And this season, we’re thrilled to be bringing those warm fuzzy feelings to our Madison Avenue windows with the help of visual technology company Christie, who is lending a special sparkle to Winter Brilliance, part of our Chillin’ Out campaign.

We’ve paired with Christie on special projects in the past—the tech innovator was instrumental in bringing “A New York Holiday,” our collaboration with Jay Z, to life. This year, we’ve taken the partnership to new heights by working with their more experiential branch, Christie THREE SIXTY, in lighting Dale Chihuly’s stunning glass installation, Winter Brilliance. “We continue to find new uses for Christie’s technology and new ways to make it integral to our design concepts, rather than a separate layer,” Barneys’ vice president of visuals and exteriors Matt Mazzucca told us. “Working together with their team, we’re able to find new applications for how their technology can be creatively applied.”

With their pioneering advancements in the worlds of digital projection and 3D mapping, Christie THREE SIXTY pushes the envelope in audience experiences everywhere from Hollywood to classrooms. Their signature magic has a special home at Barneys this season, where the world’s most advanced technology and cutting-edge projection artists are being used to light artist Dale Chihuly’s Winter Brilliance.

“Pairing Christie with Chihuly was a major accomplishment,” Mazzucca continued. “When a blue-chip artist like Chihuly can embrace new technology ways of exhibiting his work, that’s a success.” He also mentioned that the pairing of art and technology in this unprecedented way was successful because of the unique qualities of the glass that Chihuly creates. “The glass has striations and variations in it that no other artist working in glass has ever achieved. These cause the light to diffuse, bend, and refract in ways that are truly astounding.”

The artist himself couldn’t have agreed more. “This was all new for me,” Dale Chihuly told us, “and I’m surprised and happy with the results. It’s quite magical.”

Mazzucca agreed. “With glass, the light actually interacts with the work in a substantial way,” he said. “It’s unprecedented and, I think, our biggest achievement. This is a new application projection technology, which seemed to have been exhaustively explored.”

You can see this innovative and groundbreaking collaboration live and in person as part of Chillin’ Out at our Madison Avenue flagship now through January 3. In the meantime, check out the video above for a behind-the-scenes look at how the partnership came together.