Lisa Perry recently headed down south to Bentonville, Arkansas, for her first-ever visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art to be a guest for their Distinguished Speaker Series. The museum tapped Perry because she’s both a Roy Lichtenstein collector and collaborator, and they’re currently exhibiting a collection of the pop artist’s work, which explores his early career. Yvonne Force Villareal, co-founder of the Art Production Fund, came along as co-host and was on-hand to ask her close friend Perry about how she blends her love of vintage fashion with her love of collecting modern art—including, of course, Lichtenstein.

With prompting from Villareal’s thoughtful questions, Perry told the crowd that as she began to carve her path as a fashion designer, she found a way to merge it with her love of art by creating unique partnerships. “The added layer of the artist collaborations was always so important to me,” she said. “I have a motto—when I look at a painting, I see a dress. Some people may think that’s strange, but I always take it that step further. Whether it’s a pop art painting or a minimalist, I think of how it could be wearable.”

This approach has led to many great collaborations for her namesake label, the first of which was a limited edition collection of dresses and t-shirts featuring iconic images of Andy Warhol and his muse Edie Sedgwick. The second such collaboration came via the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation. “I’m not going to lie, I think it helps that I am a collector and own a gigantic Lichtenstein!” laughed Perry. “When I called Dorothy [Lichtenstein], president of the foundation, she was happy to help. We were able to go through the images and chose together. The result was really fun and happy.” Since then, she’s gone on to collaborate with living artists like Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana, and Yvonne’s husband, Leo Villereal.

Scroll on for highlights from Perry’s visit to Arkansas, including a few of her favorite works at the museum, and then head to The World of Lisa Perry to shop her latest collections or learn more about her artist collaborations.

“Yvonne and me in front of the Rib Cage of Crystal Bridges. The museum was built by American architect Moshe Safdie and features a series of bridges built around spring-fed ponds that connect the buildings. I’m wearing one of the dresses from my very first collection 10 years ago—a timeless, classic.”

“Looking through a window—between each bridge there’s water, and this is a reflection of the rib cage looking at the next building.”

“Crystal Bridges is having a Lichtenstein show at the museum, which is why they asked me to come speak. The talk was really about the merger between art and fashion. Yvonne was the perfect pick to introduce me because she has worked on a Lichtenstein home collection with Barneys—a really nice tie-in.”

“There was so much at the museum that fed my love of minimalism, like this 1969 Alma Thomas piece, ‘Lunar Rendezvous—Circle of Flowers.’”

“This is Carmen Herrer’s ‘Blue with White Line (1964).’ She didn’t sell her first painting until she was in her 80s and had her first retrospective at the age of 98.”

“Of course I love Donald Judd. Here, his ‘Untitled 1989,’ which is made of red Plexiglas, stands next to a painting by Judy Chicago, another great female artist.”

“This is Adolph Gottlieb, ‘Arkansas Part 2.'”

“Yvonne in front of Sol Lewitt’s ‘Loopy Doopy,’ which was drawn directly on one of the outward-facing walls of the museum. She’s actually wearing an example of my dresses from a few collections ago!”

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