Wildlife artist Robert Dallet believed that big cats were nature’s greatest success. Little wonder, then, that of all the animals, insects, plants, and landscapes he depicted over the course of his lifelong career, his feline subjects held a special place in his heart. So much so, in fact, that he rendered every single species of the cat family—even some that are now extinct—creating a comprehensive and unique inventory of 80 images that he considered to be his life’s work.

No longer relegated to gallery walls, Dallet’s life-like sketches and paintings have received a second life thanks to a chance encounter with Jean-Louis Dumas, who served as CEO of Hermès from 1978 to 2006. The two instantly clicked over their shared love of the natural world when they met in 1984, and the connection between the two led to a collaboration—the initial result of which were two scarf designs—that continues to thrive today, even though both men are no longer with

The latest joint venture between Hermès and Dallet’s estate is Carnets d’Équateur, a porcelain service that features the brand’s luxurious tableware adorned with the artist’s naturalistic designs. Each piece is handmade in France and finished with a matte 24-carat gold trim. Joining Dallet’s beloved jaguars, tigers, and lions are a few lesser-known creatures like the woolly monkey, olingo, and paca, all of which are rendered with Dallet’s astute attention to detail and accuracy.

The gorgeous iconic porcelain collection is now available for purchase at Barneys New York.

HERMES Carnets D’Équateur Teapot, Available In-Store Only / HERMES Carnets D’Équateur Tea Cup & Saucer Set