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The Haas Brothers’ Guide To Giving Good Gift

The creative duo behind Barneys’ latest holiday windows share the can’t-live-without-them items that they’ll be putting under the tree for their loved ones this year.

When it comes to the incredible gifts that are part of our Haas for the Holidays project, who knows better than the Haas Brothers themselves? The artistic twins, Simon and Nikolai, have applied their signature sense of whimsey not only to our stores across the country, but also to an exclusive collection of items that draw from the characters you can currently see in our windows. That’s why we tapped the brothers to share the gifts they’ll be picking up for the very special people on their own lists. The spouses, parents, siblings, and friends who’ll be on the receiving end of these gifts are the winners of this list, but the loved ones in your own life can be just as lucky. Scroll on to find that special something that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face this holiday season—including your own!


I’ll be getting this for our newborn son. He's tiny and cute and needs a body suit. My wife Djuna and I love him a lot—so the quote is accurate! - NH
Our godson Jasper is one cool dude, and he definitely knows how to have fun, so this hoodie makes lots of sense for him. Whether he's on the beach or running around in the desert, it's perfect for California nights. - NH
Henri, our goddaughter, is maybe the coolest person I know. She's also got some rad nerdy tendencies. I feel like this collared shirt would definitely represent her well—tough but sweet and super sensitive. - NH
Our friends Aaron and Indra’s kids can rip on their skateboards! They're only 4 and 6, but dang! I almost feel like this is a sponsorship—I be so honored to see them going crazy on Haas gear. - NH
Mason Poole is one of my best friends in the world, and he likes really, really, reaaaaallllyy soft stuff. Voila! Super soft tee for a super rad dude. - NH
Terri Walker knows how to make a space vibey. I just feel like a candle would suit her well. I bet she'd light it while listening to an Alice Coltrane record or something like that. - NH
Camille Rowe is like my sister, and she has super rad style. She's fearless, funny and sweet, and this suit reflects those parts of her personality. She could definitely kick ass on the dance floor in this outfit. - NH
I love Greg Chait to death, and he's always traveling. This suitcase is loud, but I think he'd dig it because he has the best sense of color. - NH
My wife Djuna Bel is really beautiful and tall, so I love it when she wears super powerful, badass boots. It's very sexy. She has the best style of anyone I know, so buying her clothes for Christmas is a bold move. These two pieces are up to the challenge to impress. - NH
Johnny Smith is my brother from another mother and the sweetest human being on earth. I know he loves great shades and that he looks great in them. - NH
My brother Lukas once gave me an insanely nice cashmere overcoat. It's still my favorite. Maybe I'm just trying to find a way to return the favor. This feels like a nice gift for the best older brother in the world. - NH
Our mom is super loving, very sweet, and extra creative. So a beautiful classic heart just makes sense for her. You can't go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry for your mom, especially when it's made by a close friend like Jen. - NH
My dad is a sweetheart, and lucky for me, we've always worked together. When I used to carve stone for him, he always loved giving me cool bags to hold my carving tools or site plans. So it's my turn to give him a rad bag! - NH
Simon has a rad sense of style and can pull stuff off that I only dream of. I just feel like these shoes fall right in line with his superstar persona. - NH
These are the perfect ice breaker or gift to bring instead of a bottle of wine to a party I just got invited to or for a new friend. - SH
This shirt would be for myself as a child. I’m obsessed with all things space, and I love the “Gimme some space.” It’s a playful way to tell people I might not be feeling social. - SH
This would be the cutest for my new nephew, Niki and Djuna’s son. In his case, it’s a lot of sun bodies! - SH
These are for kids, but would also be a great adult gift. I would add them to my backpack, but they’d be just as stylish on my favorite puffer jacket. - SH
I would get this for my brother Niki. It’s very Cali and very positive. Its’ also perfect for chilling on weirdly cold desert nights in L.A. or to bring a bit of home with him when he travels to NYC. - SH
Niki and I have always loved to give candles to our clients, and these are my favorites. I’d probably buy a large set of them for my good friend Lynda, my mother, Djuna, or my fairy godmother, Eric B. - SH
My best friend Johnny would make this cashmere tee look so chic. And it’s cute and positive, just like him. - SH
I have been using Moleskines to journal since high school, so I’m exited to get my hands on this one. But I’d probably also get it as a gift for my dear friend Arthur Gobillot, another avid journaler. - SH
My friend Zehra loves to entertain and exotic prints, so I would get her these. I can see her serving some up eggnog at one of her get-togethers. - SH
My dad loves to wear a novelty sweatshirt from Santa Cruz, and I’ll happily give him this one as a new option. - SH
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