Like many working women, Barneys’ Fashion Director, Marina Larroudé, is always on the go. Makeup artist and entrepreneur Gucci Westman can relate, as she’s also a mother who often feels like she puts in a full day before her workday even begins. For Westman, easy-to-apply makeup that fits into a busy lifestyle was one of the founding principles of her line, Westman Atelier. So when she offered to come over and show Larroudé exactly how to create a foolproof, glowing look using Westman Atelier products, she was thrilled. “My beauty fairy godmother is here!” Larroudé says.

As seen in the video, Westman starts the easy routine by using her Lit Up Highlight Stick to create a luminous complexion at the base. “It’s a ‘just got a facial’ finish,” she explains. Next, she applies Vital Foundation in Atelier II with the Foundation Brush around Larroudé’s T-zone area. Westman then blends the Face Trace Contour Stick right above the start of the cheekbone and sweeps the Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer across the forehead for extra definition. Another great framing product is the Super Loaded Tinted Highlight, which she says brings both glow and warmth to the face. Next, she adds a little pop of color to the cheeks and lips with the Baby Cheeks Blush Stick and finishes by applying a highlight to the lips. “It’s all about layering. I’ve learned over the years as a makeup artist that you can achieve all these different finishes, colors, and textures through layering.”

The key to this routine is efficiency, and Larroudé was pleased to see that natural-looking makeup can be achieved in less than five minutes. Plus, Westman’s line offers a multitude of skincare benefits through conscious, clean ingredients. “During the ideology of Westman Atelier I really found that there was an opportunity on the market to create something that bridged this gap between luxury and natural. I wanted [to offer] products that could do more than simply cover your skin. They also soothe, repair, and calm,” Westman tells Larroudé. Watch the beauty video above to hear more of Westman’s expert tips and see the final, glowing look.


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