Emphasizing one’s natural beauty and enhancing the skin have always been important to makeup artist Gucci Westman. That’s why utilizing clean formulas with skin-aiding ingredients was key when she launched her cosmetics line this year. Now she’s expanding Westman Atelier’s range of foundation, blush, highlighter, and bronzer to include three new brushes for precise application.

The luxe Blender, Powder, and Foundation brushes are all handmade in Japan by prestigious brush artisans, and the bristles are cruelty-free. Westman was very hands-on in the design process, as she wanted to ensure that the handles were shorter and closer to the face for more control. “Using Westman Atelier brushes should feel like second nature. The handles guide your hand, and each brush head is specific to a certain part of the application,” she explains.

Westman begins by using the Foundation Brush, which has a tapered top and is designed to work with the Vital Skin Foundation Stick. “Dab the brush into the formula and smooth over any imperfections. I usually start with the T-zone, blend under my eyes, and then use on any other needed areas,” she notes. “The Blender Brush is exactly that—it was designed for blending and is a perfect match for the Super Loaded Tinted Highlight. Simply swirl the brush around the compact and then apply, starting from the bottom of your cheek. Follow that line upwards to give a nice contour and a natural, healthy glow.”

“The Powder Brush is so universal — you can really use it with any type of powder or blush. I’d pair it with the Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Bronzer to give extra dimension and warmth,” she continues. “The brush’s oval head picks up the perfect amount of product as you swipe back and forth in the compact. Then sweep the bristles horizontally across your cheeks.”

Westman loves the shiny and matte finishing on the birch handles, and it was her preference to have contrasting lighter bristles because it shows when the tools need to be cleaned. “The brush-cleaning process is so important, as that’s how you’ll get long mileage out of them.” To clean, she recommends spraying with just a clear brush cleaner and making sure the bristles do not bend. Pro tip: The brushes should always be dried completely before the next use.

Westman plans to introduce even more innovative products down the line, but for now these handcrafted brushes are the perfect addition to any makeup kit. The Blender, Powder, and Foundation brushes are now exclusively available on Barneys.com and in Barneys New York store locations.


Photo: Courtesy of @gucciwestman

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