Desirée Pais first got into yoga and wellness as a way to unwind from her career in fashion, which eventually led to her becoming a teacher. She’s now a Kundalini yoga instructor and will be getting a degree in acupuncture this spring. She also teaches a monthly course called The Art of the Radiant Woman in L.A. and New York, which intends to transform women from the inside out so they can stop the “fake it til you make it” approach and actually make it as a more confident, radiant, and self-sovereign person. Below, she tells us about her beauty routine, how the Australian line of nutricosmetics Grown Alchemist fits in, and why she’ll “never leave home without taking them.”

Desirée Pais at home in Brooklyn.
Grown Alchemist was founded in 2008 by Australian brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs as a skincare company focused on the link between health and beauty. Shown here: GROWN ALCHEMIST Dermal Detox 30 Capsules / GROWN ALCHEMIST Dermal Smoothing 150g / GROWN ALCHEMIST Hair Complex 30 Capsules

My approach to beauty is about investing in yourself, not trying to fix yourself. So much of the wellness and beauty industry is self-sabotage in disguise. More women are confused about what to do and eat now than ever before. I used to be that way, too—so obsessed with fixing myself that the stress actually destroyed my hormones and gave me cystic acne and an autoimmune disease, both of which also have psycho-emotional roots of not accepting oneself.

About two years ago I was like, “This is not working. I’m not even enjoying life anymore.” That’s when I decided to live more like a French woman and stop worrying about food, about going to bed early, about all the things I was trying to control so hard. I started focusing on wearing beautiful clothes that made me feel sensual. I turned my beauty routines into long, intoxicating rituals. I started to go out dancing with girlfriends and flirting with the world. Just as I suspected, living a life with more pleasure, sensuality, and beauty began healing my body and my skin faster than any product ever can or will.

Grown Alchemist’s nutri-cosmetic products are infused with probiotics, antioxidants, and other essential compounds designed to target everything from wrinkles and hair growth to cellular health.

Now my routine is part Kundalini yoga and part French woman, which I feel like is the perfect blend of inner and outer beauty. I do Kundalini yoga because it balances the hormones, purifies the blood, and has so many beauty and anti-aging secrets from 5,000 years of secret teachings. One of my favorite kriyas is the kriya to become enchantingly beautiful. Real beauty begins within, and that’s what I feel like French women also embody. They have that confidence that just exudes from every pore, and it’s what makes them absolutely beautiful.

Grown Alchemist combines quality-sourced, highly potent plant-based ingredients with results-oriented science and research.

In terms of products, I keep it simple. I used to wash my skin too much, so in the morning I’ll just spray a face mist and maybe add a touch of lotion. I’ll throw on concealer and mascara and call it a day. When I go out in the evening, I put more intention into my makeup and throw on a red lip. Evenings are when I really engage in beauty rituals. I’ll take a long, hot shower and do a facial massage with oils. I also love to do gua sha. I’m finishing my master’s degree in acupuncture and am on the Facial Rejuvenation shift, which is what I’ll be doing when I graduate this spring. It takes me an hour to do all my evening beauty rituals!

Desirée mixing a scoop of Dermal Smoothing powder, which she tested by taking once to twice twice a day for a month.

My first impression with Grown Alchemist was the packaging—I’m obsessed! It’s chic and yet feels sort of old French pharmacy at the same time. I love that they have it in the dark bottles to maintain the integrity of the ingredients. I also noticed right away that it smelled great, which I wasn’t expecting. The products are infused with probiotics, antioxidants, and other essential compounds designed to target everything from wrinkles and hair growth to cellular health, so I was really excited to try it out. They are also all certified organic, toxin-free, and cruelty-free, all of which is really important to me.

I am in love with anything collagen. Collagen inside of the body is what keeps our skin youthful and supple, but it begins to decrease with age. It’s also affected by stress, so I always love to supplement with collagen as a preventative protocol. The Dermal Smoothing powder with collagen and vitamin C perfectly combines the ideal ingredients for beauty and glowing skin. And the taste is so delicious that I really enjoy having it as part of my morning routine…and my evening routine, too!

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After a few weeks of taking the Detox Complex supplements with biotin, I noticed my hair began to look more luscious and full, and my nails, which are pretty strong as is, became noticeably stronger. I also really loved that it has nutrients that aid in detoxification of the liver, which is so important for the health of your entire body, especially as a woman because we need a healthy liver to keep our hormones processing and detoxifying efficiently. Otherwise, we can develop hormonal imbalance and skin conditions. I was skeptical initially because I rarely ever take supplements besides probiotics, but these absolutely blew me away and I will never leave the house again without taking them.

GROWN ALCHEMIST Hair Complex 30 Capsules


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