Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven

To really understand the world of Graanmarkt 13, one must travel across the Atlantic to Antwerp, Belgium, where 10 years ago Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven took a shared dream of a homelike space full of discovery and made it a reality. They found an abandoned building on a sun-drenched old square in the center of town and renovated it to build Graanmarkt 13.

Upon entering the space, one is immediately at ease thanks to a tranquil aesthetic achieved with the help of renowned architect Vincent van Duysen. “Vincent is a master in creating serene spaces to calm the senses, and that’s exactly what he did for us,” Cornelissens says. “Graanmarkt 13 was turned into a great architectural pearl as a box to play with and to fill our world in.”

The exterior of Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp
The interior of Graanmarkt 13, which is a retail space, restaurant, and apartment.

That world now includes a retail space, restaurant, and even an apartment—all a reflection of the founders’ lifestyle and ethos. “We created an inspiring place in the underestimated town of Antwerp,” Cornelissens says. “It’s a place where people should feel at home and where they can be inspired with all of their senses. We try to take people with us on this great journey of what we believe a beautiful lifestyle could look like. It is a serene and calm way of living without being pushed by trends or brands.”

Lucky for those unable to get to Antwerp, you’re able to get a piece—or a whiff—of the lifestyle brand via their thoughtful fragrance and candle collection, now available at Barneys. To create the line, they worked with famed nose Lyn Harris of Perfumer H and Cire Trudon. They took inspiration from Graanmarkt 13’s rooftop garden to create a signature scent that includes woody and floral accords of lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and cedarwood and is available as both a fragrance and a candle.

“When we create things, we always go for the best in class. People who understand what quality is and who understand what Graanmarkt 13 stands for,” Cornelissens says. “Our products will be a reflection of the people that we have met or will still meet on our way.”

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