Venice is home to gondolas, gelato, and of course, Golden Goose.

Francesca & Alessandro
Francesca & Alessandro

The beloved brand was founded by husband and wife Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo thirteen years ago. Since then, everything the designing duo touches—from distressed sneakers to leather motos—has turned to gold.

“Allesandro and Francesca build an aesthetic that translates well into an entire head-to-toe look without feeling contrived. It’s cool, effortless and timeless,” says Barneys Fashion Director Tomoko Ogura. Ogura, who owns several pairs of the pumped-up kicks, loves the NYC sneaker: “Each pair of boots is rolled around in the earth to get that perfect distressed, dirty look. They continue to design something distinguished to give reason to buy another pair.” The couple emailed us from the city of canals to discuss their new ready-to-wear line and favorite hometown haunts.


What are your favorite items this season?
In womenswear, look for Japanese polyester mixed with the finest wool for an unexpected felt-like effect and tailored silhouettes reinterpreted in geometrics with deep shades of teal, red and emerald. The men’s collection focuses on raw materials mixed with noble British fabrics like teal khakis or a Prince-of-Wales check pattern playing with houndstooth. Heavy knits are lined with silk to create a new kind of outerwear: the quilted nylon cape is the perfect hybrid between a cape and puffy vest.

How does Venice influence your designs?
Venice is the place where we were born and has the highest manufacturing quality known in the world. The city itself has incredibly rare beauty that we feel is very important for our creativity.

Piazza San Marco; photo Credit: tampurio
Photo Credit: tampurio

Where do you take friends who visit you?
We love to impress with the Piazza San Marco in the nighttime. It might seem simple, but nobody can forget this first emotion.

Favorite part about living in Venice?
Campo San Maurizio reminds me of the deep history of Venice and the light in the night is so inspiring; it’s where Venice started to meet the world.

Favorite art gallery?
Take a look at the Olivetti store designed by Carlo Scarpa in Piazza San Marco; it’s a masterpiece of architecture where the tradition of Venice meets modernity. You also cannot skip the Biennale of Art and Architecture.

Favorite restaurant?
Ristorante Do Forni, where the best Venetian food is served in a very traditional atmosphere. Worldwide? For sure Mother Esta in Tokyo.

Favorite place to shop?
Enjoy the hidden streets known as calli—you will discover the real Venice everywhere!

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