Who runs the world? In the future, hopefully a lot more girls. And here at Barneys New York, we’re doing our part to help ensure that’s the case. We’re thrilled to announce that, in support of International Day of the Girl, we’re partnering once again with The Girls’ Lounge to put a spotlight on critical issues affecting girls around the world today.

Now in its third year, International Day of the Girl (IDG) is a United Nations-declared holiday designed to raise awareness about education, empowerment, and equality for girls globally. Millions of girls across the planet currently don’t have access to education and are viewed as less than their male counterparts. Together with The Girls’ Lounge, we’re working to change that. IDG is being celebrated this Tuesday, October 11, with the target on advancing rights and opportunities for girls and women worldwide. We’re marking the occasion by dedicating this week to IDG on The Window, with windows in our stores around the country, and with our #GirlPossible social campaign.

In these efforts, we couldn’t ask for better company than The Girls’ Lounge, which creates female-focused spaces at male-dominated industry conferences. Founded by Shelley Zalis, chairwoman of TFQ Ventures, The Girls’ Lounge provides a place where women can connect, collaborate, and discover their confidence. “With this partnership, we hope to start conversations,” Zalis told us. “We’re bringing visibility to women making a difference around the world, helping to ensure that girls get an education and feel empowered. We also want to transform the gender equality conversation from a female issue to a social and economic issue that we all have to solve together.”

So what can you do to support the International Day of the Girl and help in this vital fight for girls around the world? You can join the global movement by taking part in our #GirlPossible campaign with these four easy steps:

  1. On a piece of paper, write the message, “Equality is possible when ____________.” And fill in the blank with your answer.
  2. Snap a pic holding your message.
  3. Share the photo on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook using the hashtags #GirlPossible and #IDG2016. Also, be sure to tag @BarneysNYOfficial and @TheGirlsLounge.
  4. Tag your heroes—anyone who inspires you—to nominate them to take part as well.

Get out there and spread the word about IDG, and be sure to check back here every day this week to learn more about this amazing cause. Let’s ignite change and make an impact for our sisters worldwide and for future generations. Together, anything is #GirlPossible.