POGLIA Bicolor Mini Horn & Bone Pocket Knife

Who it’s for: Sure, he hardly chops his own wood, but your refined, country-dwelling brother-in-law will love having this buffalo horn and cow bone pocket knife on hand—even if it only gets used for opening mail.


MISSONI Taddeo Plaid Bouclé Throw

Who it’s for: Ever since your best friend bought her first apartment, she’s been obsessed with decorating. This boldly colored, super-soft Missoni throw will indulge her desire to nest chicly.



Who it’s for: Since your niece’s Insta account for her Scottish Fold named Mittens isn’t exactly taking off, she could learn a thing or two from this quirky, perfect-for-kitty-lovers coffee table book.


CONNOR Paperweight

Who it’s for: This paperweight is perfect for your millennial niece who constantly complains about the “mindless paperwork” at her first job out of college.



Who it’s for: Nobody ever accused your grandpa of not having swagger. Once he gets his hands on this Gucci monkey head cane, he’ll be next level. Add a Nick Fouquet hat to the mix and he’ll be the hippest guy at bingo night.



TUMI Short Trip 26″ Packing Case

Who it’s for: Your sister has a fancy new job involving lots of travel, and her luggage should match her new frequent flyer status. She’ll be thrilled with this sleek, ultra-lightweight Tumi weekender.


CHAPON Praline-Filled Chocolate Ball 3-Tier Coffret

Who it’s for: These beautifully packaged French praline chocolates are the perfect gift for your boss, and with any luck, she’ll stick them on the communal table for you to enjoy.



FRÉDÉRIC MALLE Saint Des Saints Laguna B Candle

Who it’s for: When your sommelier friend hosts a party, there’s no point in bringing wine. Switch it up with this artisanal candle instead. His refined nose will appreciate the scent, and the vessel made by a Venetian glassmaker will be a collectable long after the candle finishes burning.



PEACH & LILY Let Me Skin – Ultra H2O Modeling Mask

Who it’s for: The dreaded office White Elephant exchange can be stressful, but luckily there’s no way Barb from accounting won’t be excited by this brightening Korean beauty mask.



LISA PERRY Colorblocked Cashmere Travel Set

Who it’s for: Your mom is always complaining about the discomforts of airline travel, so she’ll be thrilled to get this cashmere travel set, complete with a soft eye mask. Dad’s bound to get jealous, so you might want to get two.


KIDDIMOTO Pink Stripe Scooter Balance Bike

Who it’s for: For your Brooklyn sister-in-law who wouldn’t be caught dead pushing her kid down the street on a basic scooter.


GUCCI Sync Watch

Who it’s for: Your flamboyant bestie who fancies himself a street style star will love the rainbow color palette of this watch almost as much as he loves the fact that it’s Gucci.


BEAUTY BOX The Barneys Box 

Who it’s for: You’ll win over your picky mother-in-law with this luxe box of revitalizing beauty products. From Rodin’s signature olio lusso lavender face oil to Malin+Goetz’s Revitalizing Eye Cream, there’s a mix of must-haves that will have her hooked.



SAINT LAURENT Love Box Small Clutch

Who it’s for: Show your wife you love her very, very much by letting her wear your heart on her sleeve—in the form of this absolutely covetable Saint Laurent clutch.