Christian Louboutin So Kate Glitter-Striped Ankle Boots

Who It’s For: Your cousin or aunt for whom “exuberant” is a gross understatement.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN So Kate Glitter-Striped Ankle Boots


Freds at Barneys New York Rosé-Flavored Lollipops

Who It’s For: Full-grown adults yearning for nostalgia and an any-hour happy hour.

FREDS AT BARNEYS NEW YORK Rosé-Flavored Lollipops


Kiehl’s Since 1851 Men’s Heavy Lifters

Who It’s For: The guy who won’t buy it for himself. With anti-aging serums and treatments, this set will come in handy when the sands of time aren’t running in his favor, either.

KIEHL’S SINCE 1851 Men’s Heavy Lifters


MDNA Skin The Beauty Roller

Who It’s For: High-key skincare devotees with a taste for luxury. Infrared technology improves skin’s firmness and radiance so you, like Madonna herself, can look like you’re aging in reverse.

MDNA SKIN The Beauty Roller


Dior “Diorclub1” Visor

Who It’s For: That friend who’s always mysteriously vacationing on a yacht in Formentera, Bora Bora, or wherever the newest It destination may be.

DIOR “DiorClub1” Visor


Body Vibes Gold Flower Power Stickers – 10 Pack

Who It’s For: Those who prefer feeling “lifted” — these waterproof stickers come highly recommended to help stimulate your mind, body, and spirit by promoting feelings of peace and contentment.

BODY VIBES Gold Flower Power Stickers – 10 Pack


Lisa Carrier Designs Crystal-Embellished Skull

Who It’s For: Anyone with a flair for the macabre who also insists on bottle service everywhere they go.

LISA CARRIER DESIGNS Crystal-Embellished Skull


Rimowa Topas 29″ Multiwheel® Suitcase

Who It’s For: Hard-core travelers who aren’t grounded long enough to invest in luggage on their own.

RIMOWA Topas 29″ Multiwheel® Suitcase


Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini “Team Santa” Wool Crop Sweater

Who It’s For: The holiday-obsessed girl who would wear this completely unironically, and not just to a holiday party.



Connor “See No Evil” Monkey-Motif Leather Door Hanger

Who It’s For: Anyone in need of positive bedroom karma — and (hopefully) privacy.

CONNOR “See No Evil” Monkey-Motif Leather Door Hanger


Lisa Perry Reversible Crossword Vinyl Square Placemat

Who It’s For: Future wordsmiths, puzzle fans, or anyone who likes playing with their food.

LISA PERRY Reversible Crossword Vinyl Square Placemat


Twee Sushi Sidewalk Chalk 

Who It’s For: The kids who prefer flying business class and request Brussels sprouts by name.

TWEE Sushi Sidewalk Chalk


Barneys New York “Bicycle” Cards Silk Twill Pocket Square

Who It’s For: Card sharks with a discerning eye for haberdasheries. Trust us, we know they’re out there.

BARNEYS NEW YORK “Bicycle” Cards Silk Twill Pocket Square


Jan Leslie French-Fries Cufflinks

Who It’s For: Foodies and culinary whizzes with a taste for high-end kitsch.

JAN LESLIE French-Fries Cufflinks