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“The best beauty products you’ve never heard of.” It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

Ann Colville Somma’s blog Cult of Pretty takes readers on an interminable quest for the world’s makeup and skincare must-haves, the kind of game-changing products you’re not sure how you ever lived without. She draws on her eight-plus years of industry experience to cover the latest and greatest from brands like Oribe, Kai, Bobbi Brown, Frédéric Malle and MAKE—but she’s also just as likely to report on an amazing lotion or potion she stumbled upon at a quaint French pharmacy.

Check out our interview with Ann below to learn why all we can think about is ‘pops of pink’ for spring!

What inspired you to start the blog?
I work in the beauty industry and was doing a lot of trend and innovation projects. Through my research, I discovered amazing cult, niche and foreign brands all the time. I wanted to create a place where others could read about them too!

ann colville

What is your first beauty memory?
My mom’s Hermès Calèche fragrance is my first beauty memory. She kept it in the box, which was one of those hard boxes with velvet lining. It was so beautiful and fancy to me!

If you could have lunch with any Barneys New York creator, who would it be?
Ben Gorham from Byredo. I love his creativity and approach to fragrances. I’d ask him what fragrance he wears and what fragrance he loves on a woman—I ask everyone that question!

What is the best beauty advice you have ever received?
Early on in my beauty career I trained with Bobbi Brown‘s key makeup artists and they taught me about a ‘pop of pink.’ This was before everyone was all about a ‘pop’ of something! Bobbi’s blush philosophy is so simple: Don’t be afraid of a strong color pop right on the apple of the cheeks. For me it’s a bright pink that looks like Pepto-Bismol when you see it in the pan, but totally transforms my facial structure (and my mood) when I put it on! Something like Bobbi Brown’s blush in peony.

Bobbi Brown Blush - Peony

What are your winter skin savers?
Balms of all kinds—lip balms, nail balms, body balms, facial balms. By Terry Baume de Rose is one example, but I love them all! Balms are kind of like the malbecs of the beauty world—you have to enjoy them in all their delicious richness while you can, because come spring and summer, they just feel like too much.

If you were accidentally locked in Barneys New York overnight, what would we find you wearing in the morning?

The Cult of Pretty Locked in Barneys Picks