It’s no secret that, when it comes to La Colombe, we’re obsessed. Whether it’s the velvety smooth draft latte or the rich, cold-pressed Pure Black, the brand’s coffee has long been our go-to pick-me-up. So as we continue to search for inspiration to help us power through this long, cold winter, we knew we were onto something good when we struck upon the idea to combine two of our favorite things: La Colombe’s full-flavored brews and a bit of the boozy stuff. Thus, the Freds X La Colombe Coffee Cocktail was born, and this truly buzz-worthy concoction is now being featured exclusively at our Freds Downtown restaurant as a specialty bar item.

la colombe

Pairing La Colombe’s Vanilla Draft Latte with the perfect hit of rum, Frangelica Hazelnut Liquor, and an extra boost of coffee flavor from Kahlúa, the resulting XO Coffee Cocktail is smooth, rich, and not too sweet. To really make the most of it, though, be sure to download Hooch, the ideal app for cocktail loves the world over. Dubbed the “ClassPass for Drinks,” members are eligible to receive one free cocktail per day at over 450 bars and restaurants around the world. At Freds Downtown, a premium partner with Hooch, members can get the exclusive Coffee Cocktail for free with any purchase, or are also welcome to sample one of our other signature specialty drinks: the Seventh Avenue Rickie or the Old Fashioned Fred.

la colombe

So whether you’re joining us at Freds Downtown for lunch, dinner, coffee, or cocktails, the Freds X LA Colombe XO Coffee Cocktail is sure to kick any occasion into high gear!


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